31 October 2016

Ah, such soothing colors. This might be my favorite Uamou series since the Tengu and Cobalt series, which had an amazing matte finish. These ones, though, feature calming gradients painted by...

12 September 2016

Oooo, shiny! The gold, silver, and bronze Uamous were a hit, but these new metallic colorways are even better. Gray, blue, silver, pink, and gold have been applied to the classic sofubi toy, while...

07 July 2016

After making an appearance at an UglyCon is Korea, Ugly Uamou is coming to the US for UglyCon 2016 at Giant Robot. Cast in colorful sofubi, each Uamou and Fortune Uamou features hand-painted...

GID Uamou
15 June 2016

Do you like scary sofubi? Studio Uamou and the production company Nauts sure do. They've teamed up to create the Ghost Uamou Series. This release includes a robed and hooded Uamou with a ...

Fortune Uamou Color Collection
22 March 2016

Taste the rainbow with this super limited collection of Fortune Uamous! Blue Bolt, Italian Green, Bright Green, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow and Candy Apple Red Fortune Uamou are now up in...

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