17 March 2011

Record store day is a worldwide annual event now in its fourth year, celebrating indie record stores, and the culture surrounding it. Since 2008, more than  1400 stores worldwide have been...

15 October 2009
14 July 2009
25 May 2009
28 April 2009
23 February 2009
08 September 2008


This one's come straight out of left field - posted on Raymond's blog are two teaser flyers for a new 10" toys by Kozik - Toyer-Z and Toyer Enemy due for...
11 June 2008

Was going to post this a while back but there was some confusion as to what was and wasn't being released. First up is the 2.5" series in all the classic Kozik...

31 January 2011

K.Olin Tribu has been recreating some of your favorite vinyl figures in a porcelain form. Beautiful, shiny and more delicate that their vinyl cousins, these figures are growing an enthusiastic fan...

02 September 2009
10 July 2009
12 May 2009
15 April 2009
12 January 2009
27 June 2008

This competition was brought to my attention the other day by Clutter K, and rather than keeping it to myself i thought i should really spread the word....

27 May 2008

Incoming from Frank Kozik's new Ultraviolence label is this stunner - a huge Toy Soldier....

12 November 2010

Do you like death metal but are also a fan of kittens? Problem solved! Kozik has teamed up with Kidrobot to unleash his hellish aesthetic on Hello Kitty. This devilish feline is set to release...

13 August 2009
09 June 2009
29 April 2009
10 March 2009

April sees another 8" Dunny following hot on the heels of Jesse Hernandez, this time from South African illustrator Kronk. This slightly sinister (in a good way) "Tree...

03 October 2008
15 June 2008

So July's KR releases...including some but not all of the SDCC exclusives....are up. First things first. Just how damn busy is Touma??!!! Aside from...

15 May 2008

A lot of people may remember SDCC and the promise of a Joe Ledbetter production Labbit that got pulled at the very last minute due to QC issues. Many people figured they'd all been scrapped...


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