20 September 2012

Lord Nibbler, the Supreme Fuzzler of Vergon 6 and bane of Brain Spawn everywhere, makes the transition from cape & diaper wearing "pet" of Planet Express to vinyl plaything of...

03 August 2012

Previously available in limited pre-release quantities to San Diego Comic-Con attendees, Kidrobot's 4.5-...

08 June 2012

You may recall us informating you, in the form of teaser, about the 2012...

03 June 2012

Kidrobot has released the above teaser image promoting five San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2012 exclusives. While...

18 May 2012

In a retro turn of events, Kidrobot is set to release a faux wooden version of everyone's favorite robot from Futurama: Bender. The "Wooden Bender" is a 6-...

14 July 2009
28 November 2008
01 August 2007
Oh yeah..four films (essentially 16 episodes) split over 4 HD DVDs. How can you not like Nibbler!
DVD will also have a 22 minute episode of "Everybody loves Hypnotoad"...
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