24 January 2009
23 September 2008
10 January 2008

Check out this wicked little video of Hicalories photo shoot. Love it



05 October 2007

So there i was browsing over on www.vinylabuse.com and what do i find, but Mr Alex Hicalorie's Lefty in a funky green colourway!! Alex never tells me...

24 May 2007

 yey!! Exciting times as Cabello arrives in the UK!! Its going to be middle of next week before they make it down to clutter HQ but tis exciting none the less.. Alex just needs to find somewhere...

22 May 2007

Our Cabello is now available to pre-order from our website http://www.cluttermagazine.com/shop/toy_cabp.html. He is limited to just...

22 April 2007

Alex from Hicalorie sent me this pretty illustration :) Yey to Cabello!!


02 April 2007

After months of planning we can finally reveal to the world our sexy pink Cabello colour way. He is limited to 100 and will be unleashed on the world very soon...

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