25 September 2009
05 September 2009
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12 December 2008
15 July 2008

I'm sure most people have seen this Joe Ledbetter, gold Gamerita. It was a Taipei Toy Festival exclusive and limited to 150 pieces. I love the gold, but i just don't get the pipe-cleaner legs......

27 May 2008

Was desperately trying to flatten these out to take a pic....but this huge tube full of kaiju posters turned up on my birthday from Jeff Lamm. This is about half of what he sent me! So...

28 November 2007

Pictures of the next two versions of Horvath's KFGU Chupacabra. First up is #2 the "Turner Maine" variant named after the town where the creature has been spotted...yes I said "has" because I...

16 September 2009
04 September 2009
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15 January 2009
17 November 2008
05 June 2008

Next up from David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim is Babo in kaiju form. We've already seen Ice Bat and Wage get the japanese vinyl treatment and now it's cookie lovin' Babo's turn....
01 May 2008

So here is the first post for the things we brought back from NYCC. This wasn't a ComicCon purchase, but a ToyTokyo one. I am not a Kaiju aficionado, in fact my knowledge in the area is...

05 October 2007

On October 17th 2007 myplasticheart will be releasing their first exclusive collaboration with Rumble-Monsters. The "Evilmind" Damnedron stands at 7 inches tall and made in Japanese vinyl. The...

11 September 2009
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12 January 2009
29 August 2008
Big thanks to Kill, who sent us one his Kaiju figures through the post. As i may have mentioned previously I am a big (but clueless) fan of Kaiju and the fact that...
30 May 2008

Because I really, really need this Amanda Visell Mega Munny....a gnome eating Bat. Genius!

 Amanda's Munny is part a massive lot coming up at Christie's "Pop Culture" auction...
02 January 2008

These sneak peaks were posted by Frank a few days ago of a new - possibly self-produced - new Kaiju piece called "Salari Ika". I like the suited body and squid-type head of this makes for an...

13 September 2007

As usual i am not very quick at things like this, but i would like to take the opportunity to welcome andy b to our contributing fold! He has written two articles for the next issue and we think...


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