22 September 2009
19 May 2009
11 February 2009


Ok so this would have been much cooler if we'd actually seen this spot on CBS...

02 December 2008
24 September 2008
30 June 2008

KAWS is at it again, this time collaborating with Chinese artist Yue Min Jun for this new vinyl figure that combines the Accomplice and Companion elements. One slight hitch...
24 October 2007

I wasn't going to blog about this but it seems this latest KAWS collab has really split KAWS collectors. Some love the interpretation of the original Zooth (above), while others seem to think its...

22 September 2007

Well we all knew it was coming since that Medicom show a few months back but now we actually get to see it!! Would love to be able to add it to my collection but it just ain't gonna happen :(...

25 August 2009
20 March 2009

So the other day, much like Nick when he wanted some Futura incense holders I looked at my keys and thought....these look so dull and lifeless, you know what would...

05 January 2009
19 November 2008
10 September 2008

Heres an awesome picture of Pharrell Williams, from N.E.R.D. wearing a be-dazzled KAWs pendant.

13 May 2008


Just spotted this over on...

23 October 2007

Today Me and Nick could have been spotted undertaking a spot of retail therapy with the Triclops massiv' in the big LDN. I am pretty sure there will be pictures in heat magazine next week ;)....

18 September 2007

Man this is practically becoming a Motorobot love in when new customs drop, but this one deserves some coverage for the subject and customising a GID 5YL Companion! Dope work by Motor on the paint...

23 June 2009
20 February 2009
17 December 2008
08 October 2008
24 July 2008

Incoming from KAWS and Medicom Toy in Yellow and Black variants is this figure....called various names including Sobokun and based loosely on the Tokyo Police mascot "PiPo". Edit: Was released...

31 January 2008

Title says it all. Nice pair ;) but won't be making me part with my ££££. Pic courtesy of koreantomcruise via...

02 October 2007

Hmmm i seem to be blogging too much Kaws recently. At least this one's a superb custom (seen on Vinyl Pulse from some of our fave artists...

17 July 2007

Just incase anyone has missed this i thought i would make sure you all knew about it. Kaws has teamed up with Arkitip Magazine and Incase to produce this Custom designed laptop sleeve to mark the...


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