3D pinting pink panther woman
20 January 2014

Ficinus here! please read the first two installments of this series about 3D Printing if you have not already! Day...

Makerbot Replicator Dual 3D Printer Clutter Magazine
14 January 2014

Starship Clutterprise Captains Log Tuesday Jan 7th 2014

Hello again! Ficinus here, I'm sharing my first week testing a 3D printer. If you haven't read my first...

Star Trek, Replicator, Klingon, 3D Printer, Makerbot
13 January 2014

As Miranda promised last week in "3D printing adventures of Ficinus"  I'm going to begin posting my...

09 January 2014

We have had a Makerbot Replicator sitting in our office for a while now. No-one has had the time to fire it up, read the instructions (which if...

27 July 2012

The MakerBot crew was at SDCC 2012 demonstrating their latest and greatest, MakerBot Replicator. It appears as though they used the machine to transform...

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