12 August 2016

Medicom have been making crossovers between Baby Milo and Star Wars for a few years now, but they're finally getting back to 100% BAPE. Starting today, you can...

Oswald the lucky rabbit toy
11 April 2016

Let me take you to school for a second. Before the mouse, there was the rabbit. Most people think of Mickey's appearance in Steamboat Willie as Walt Disney's first foray into...

BAPE x Astro Boy Collection
18 January 2016

We got a sneak peek at the collaboration between A Bathing Ape and Astro Boy with the set of vinyl figures, but now we have the full reveal of the clothing line as well. A full-zip hoodie is the...

Astro Boy VCD Vinyl Collectible Doll by BAPE x Medicom
30 December 2015

Whether you call him Astro Boy or Mighty Atom, there's no disputing the fact that Osamu Tezuka's futuristic take on Pinocchio is one of the most iconic pieces of Japanese pop culture ever...

1980s Andy Warhol Vinyl Collectible Doll by Medicom
21 December 2015

You might remember Medicom's This Is Andy entry into their Vinyl Collectible Doll line back in...

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