06 May 2010

Dropping today at Artoyz are the latest versions of the new MIST figure "Lucius". Both an edition of 500 the US version comes in indigo blue with black/orange detailing, while the European...

11 January 2010
19 October 2009
25 February 2009
01 June 2008

To celebrate (or maybe commiserate lol!) my birthday my better half bought me this stunning Mist orignal canvas!...

07 October 2007

So the big Circa opening happened with the usual KR crew, Mist, TILT, MAD, Sket. But why oh why was one of the Cheeky Girls invited? Times must be tough for the poor lass - from Pop Idol to being...

08 August 2007

I thought i would make a change from Nick posting all the mist stuff and beat him too it. Check out this awesome 20" dunny custom! Apparently its already sold :( but it's lush!!


08 May 2007

Seems to me like I only ever post stuff about MIST toys, but who cares when they're this cool. Sculpted by the man himself he can fire his arms like rockets!!! Just like the toys you had when you...

09 March 2010
24 December 2009
07 October 2009
07 November 2008
19 October 2007

Hows about this set of figures to be able to add to your collection!! Mist does a 1000, 400 and 100% matching Be@rbrick set. I am very jealous already of the person...

15 August 2007

I was so stoked when I heard MIST was getting a 20" production Dunny...and $300 to boot. So here it is - not sure if I like it or not really....I like the eyes but the rest is a bit of a let down...

31 July 2007

Meant to post this last week but you can now get MIST spray cans from Montana colours. Unlike the Tilt/D*Face/Flying Fortress ones that have gone before these babies have the design printed on the...

04 April 2007

 This latest figure from french graffiti artist Mist is one of his oldest characters from way back when he started painting his 'Debils' 10 years ago. This fella's 9 inches tall, made from...

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