12 June 2012

Brazilian artist Sergio Mancini, possibly best known for his reoccurring involvement in the ...

19 March 2012

If you've spent any time in my home, there's a good chance you've heard me exclain, rather loudly and excitedly, "Yebo Maycu!" What the literal translation is, I've no idea, so I've been defining...

26 October 2011

Check out this amazing video of Supakitch and Koralie slinging paint with robot precision and ballerina grace. Nothing...

11 March 2010
20 August 2009
04 June 2009
14 December 2007

Sooo...finally got this beauty home on the train which wasn't much fun! Now I just gotta find somewhere to hang it!

08 December 2007

So it's been quite a few days with Jingle Juice 2 on Thursday welcoming our good friend MAD and Sket to these shores. This time there was even Jungle Juice...bit too light on the vodka to start...

22 March 2012

When you first glance at a piece of Liu Bolin's work you can't help but wonder what the big fuss is about. But if you look closely you will...

19 March 2012

After Checking out ...

09 August 2011

I discovered the work of Atlanta artist Greg Mike becasue of his paper toy, Loud Mouf. Turns out there's a lot more to this guy than a...

11 February 2010


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