13 January 2009
19 March 2008

Calling all budding plush makers...don't spend hours cutting your fingers to shreds, let Uncle Shawnimal show you how it's done! Yep, Shawn's launching a blank plus figure and it's a beaut...

05 December 2007

Big thanks to Adam for sending us over one of his new Roadkill toys Twitchy. We think that he is awesome and also very cute, considering his guts are all hanging out.


11 October 2007

You may have seen these featured on the latest episode of Toybreak, but there is a pink one, so really i have to blog about them too. Designed by Eric Scarecrow, they are 12" high and retail at $...

27 September 2007

I really like the idea of a big plush labbit but maybe the orifice is a step too far...

Owners of this new 24" plush Labbit by Kozik and Switcheroo might want to...
18 May 2007
Hahah check out what has Pete has just found on Flickr. I forgot all about this picture! It was taken at NY toy fair 2006. Lovin Nicks hat still though!!
11 May 2007
Horray for plush, we need more plush.
This is a nice collab between Shawnimal (the plush king!) and Ning/Double Punch of their Lil Joe character. That was previously seen...
26 April 2007

Check out the fun Hicalorie had yesterday with their Cabello Photo shoot. Giant Cabello certainly enjoyed having hot women climbing on him, and he is now said to be very tired and happy.

03 July 2008

Yesterday we received a parcel from our friend Holly over at www.hollypop.co.uk. She sent us one of her new hand made plush and she is absolutely...


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