Final Fantasy XIV Fat Cat Plushies
21 March 2016

When you think "Final Fantasy" and "cute", you'd probably think of Moogles and Chocobos. But apparently there's a super cute cat character in the latest online installment of the game,...

Cat Sandwich Steff Bomb
01 March 2016

Hold the onions, give me some extra peppers, and throw a little cat in there, too. Yum! Steff Bomb's latest creation is a tribute to ALF, the alien from the planet Melmac with a ferocious...

The Japanese Plushies of New York Toy Fair 2016
18 February 2016

We got fluffy at New York Toy Fair this year with plenty of plushy alpacas, sloths, foxes, pandas, and more. And there was no short supply of licensed soft goods from Nintendo and the crazy cat...

Plush Say Cheese and Die Camera by Steff Bomb
17 February 2016

The totally adorbz Steff Bomb has put her soul-capturing masterpiece of plush up for sale. I believe she crafted the Say Cheese and Die camera a few years ago but ended up hanging onto it...

21 April 2014

Steff Bomb has released a total protonic reversal with her paranormally cute Slimer and Ghost Trap plushy....

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