08 August 2016

After nearly two decades of making mind-boggling music, you can't blame a band for being (43%) burnt out....

At the Drive-In Reunion Tour
20 June 2016

There I was on Saturday, all excited to finally see At the Drive-In after waiting for 15 years as a fan. That's when the phone rang and an automated message told me the show had...

Thrice album
27 May 2016

Here's something I never thought I'd say: A new Thrice album is out today. Released by Vagrant Records, To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere is the first release since the band's live album of their...

I Am A Nightmare Brand New
18 May 2016

It's been nearly seven years since Brand New released a new album. But last April things seemed to be heating up when they released the free single, Mene. 13 months later and we've got a second...

United Nations band tour
12 April 2016

Screamo revival band, and one of the only "new" bands (8 years old is still new, right?) I love, United Nations will be touring the East Coast and a few additional locations this June. Fronted by...

Jim Ward At the Drive-In
23 March 2016

It seemed a little too good to be true when At the Drive-In announced a reunion tour, and apparently it was. Jim Ward, a founding member and co-guitarist of the band, has left the group even...

Thursday Wrecking Ball ATL
22 March 2016

Definitely don't "discard this message": Thursday are getting back together. After tweeting a blank image yesterday, the New Brunswick band announced today that they will be...

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