09 November 2016

The ninth installment of Medicom's Vinyl Artist Gacha series is getting contributions from both Shoko Nakazawa and Konatsu! A gachapon-sized Daioh Negora will come in various fur coats while Baby...

04 August 2016

Angel Abby in Hong Kong are hosting the Soft Vinyl Festival this weekend, and Koraters and T9G aren't skipping out. Their entry into the show features one of the nicest colorways of their Byron...

Shoko Nakazawa Rangeron
20 June 2016

Heyo! We crossed our fingers to get some Baby Rangeron figures from V.A.G. Series 7 over to the West and here they are. But they're going fast!...

Vinyl Artist Gacha Series 7
10 June 2016

We at Clutter love the V.A.G. Putting vinyl toys into gachapon machines is pure genius. We just wish that they were more easily available over here. Hopefully shops get some of these in stock...

Rangeron & Byron
07 March 2016

If you've been holding off for an awesome colorway of T9G's and Shoko Nakazawa's Rangeron and Byron toys, you might want to set your clocks to Hong Kong time....

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