13 September 2017

After spending an eternity in the darkest depths of the ocean... the OctoDunny has finally surfaced!


Celebrate Seulgie's Satyr's First Birthday at myplasticheart!
17 June 2016

Happy Birthday, Satyr!

Seulgie's Ethereal "Spring Flowers" Satyrs – Dropping March 23rd!
16 March 2016

It's time for another release of the super cute Satyr figure by Seulgie!

This edition – "Spring Flowers" – is a PIQ Grand Central Terminal exclusive. Just...

Seulgie's Valentine Satyrs gives us heart eyes!
05 February 2016

Looking for something sweet for your Valentine?

Hurry, Seulgie dropped her Valentine's Day Satyrs at 1PM EST. They're sold out on...

Llama & Toadstool Resin Set by Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura Now Available
14 January 2016

Amanda Visell and Michell Valigura's beast of burden and fungal sidekick we featured as a...

Clear Skullhead Blank Resin DIY Figure by Huck Gee
07 January 2016

I hope you're over your Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull PSTD because god damn this is sexy. As...

Treeson x Momiji Resin Toy
03 March 2015

Bubi Au Yeung and UK brand, Momiji, have teamed up in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Treeson character series. Momiji toys are typically designed as a chibi-style girl wearing a themed...

Plastik Surgery Resin Casting Guide by Lunartik
16 December 2014

Sometimes resin-casting wizards need a spell book. Check out Lunartik's newest guide, Plastik Surgery, where Matt JOnes himself walks you through the processes of prepping, pouring, and...

The Magically Ugly Unicorn! Deathchops x Rampage Toys
11 September 2017

Rampage Toys classic figure The Ugly Unicorn gets a magical make-over by artist Dethchops!

Released as part of this past weekends opening of...

Raspberry Beret: Scott Wilkowski's Next Infected Dunny Colorway!
18 May 2016

Call the CDC… The infection keeps spreading with the latest Infected Dunny colorway from Scott Wilkowski and Clutter!

We are super excited to...

Amanda Visell Skunk Resin
01 March 2016

Can't you smell that smell? The smell that surrounds you is the eau de parfum of some skunky - uh - resin. Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura have been cranking out llamas...

New Fox & Owl Resins from Amanda Visell
26 January 2016

I'm certainly not beginning to doubt the Switcheroo duo's commitment to Sparkle Motion. These two new resin sets have enough glitter to fill Tobias Fünke's headshot mailer. First up is...

WIP: Llama & Toadstool by Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura
12 January 2016

Llama let you finish, but this resin set by Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura is going to be cute as hell. These work-in-progress shots show the mold-making and packaging design processes for...

Zeus and Athena by Ink & Clog x Mighty Jaxx
10 December 2015

If the name of Singaporean art duo Ink & Clog rings a bell, that's because we just featured their collab with Otto Björnik's astounding...

Okami Red Resin by FAKIR
27 January 2015

If you missed out on FAKIR's homage to Clover Studio's awesome game, Okami, then you're in luck. The 5" resin piece is getting a limited colorway release on Monday, February 2. 150 euros...

ESC-Toy Erick Scarecrow Toys
25 November 2014

Erick Scarecrow and company are dropping a ton of new resin toys, custom vinyls, and even a print on Black Friday. Polar Opposite Frost is a 3" open edition resin piece ringing in at a super...

12 July 2017

The Clutter Gallery opened it doors on Saturday night (July 8th) to Seulgie's solo show, Puffhead! We have been huge fans of her...

The HITSQUAD Invades Clutter this April!
29 March 2016

On April 9th, the Clutter's Main Gallery will be taken over by The Hitsquad!

Artists Big C, EOS, Frank Montano, iRoc, JFURY, Malo April, MaloWRX, and Playful Gorilla will all be bringing...

Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura Resin Toys
25 February 2016

Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura just dropped two releases at once. That's a lot of resin. First up is a clear resin version of their llama figure decked out in sparkles. This llama also...

New Squink Custom Dunny Drops Tomorrow 1/15/16
14 January 2016

Squink gets regal with his latest custom Dunny. Dropping tomorrow, January 15, this 3" Dunny sports a classy dress, Victorian collar, and crown. We're loving how the patterns on the dress mirror...

Knuckle Draggin' Bertie Driver Resin Toy Sculpture by Amanda Visell & Ashley Wood
08 January 2016

Whoah! You might not think that Amanda Visell and Ashley Wood would make such a killer combo, but their new Knuckle Draggin' Bertie Driver will convince you otherwise. This is the first entry...

Give Up Resin Toy by Parra
15 October 2015

Parra's glossy, colorful style is unmistakable. His latest release is a resin piece through Case Studyo, who have also worked with FriendsWithYou. The fruit with legs measures in at 25cm and that...

Dear Media Results,  My name is Marc and I love making videos. Whether I'm writing scripts, shooting footage, animating motion graphics, or editing everything all together, I'm having fun, and therefore doing great work.  Over the past five years I've created countless videos as a writer, videographer, editor, animator, and production manager. From being in the trenches and logging footage all the way to managing a team of freelancers, I've covered a wide range of video production responsibilities and have
22 December 2014

Inspired by Clover Studio's (R.I.P.) game, Ōkami, Parisian artist, Fakir will be releasing his newest toy on Monday, January 5. The Japanese-style wolf features heavy additional sculpting...

ESC-Toy Erick Scarecrow Toys
15 October 2014

Representing the resin scene, Erick Scarecrow and ESC-Toy brought tons of toys and merch to NYCC 2014. Pop-culture influenced custom Dunnys, original resin collectables, and toys based on ...


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