Dan Lam Art
19 April 2016

Is this the real world, or is this Metroid? Dan Lam uses polyfoam to create the gloopy base, letting gravity take care of some of the shaping. She then coats the dried sculpture in...

Evo the Elephant by Brandon Mike Studios
02 March 2016

Evo the Elephant isn't just a sculpture. It's a reminder of how humans have brought elephants and countless other species to the brink of extinction or worse. "I hope these elephants serve as a...

Glass Sculptures by Christina Bothwell
09 February 2016

That's not resin; it's cast glass and stone. Christina Bothwell went to art school for painting but taught herself the ways of ceramics and evetually cast glass. She creates these ethereal - and...

Blown Glass Sculptures by Kiva Ford
29 January 2016

Blown glass is often limited to vases, marbles, fake candy, and of course bongs and pipes. But Kiva Ford, who creates custom medical instruments out of blown glass, creates amazingly intricate...

The Judgement by Cleon Peterson at plus one gallery
25 January 2016

Cue Joaquin Phoenix displaying his downward-pointing thumb. Cleon Peterson's latest sculpture, The Judgement, depicts one of his signature barbarians moments after decapitating an enemy. Like...

04 December 2015

Lyle Owerko, who is known for his use of stereos in his work (not to mention his famous 9/11 Time Magazine cover), teamed up with Pretty in Plastic to create some enormous boomboxes. These...

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