sket one madl subway
07 July 2014

Sket One does it again by taking an everyday object and turning it into an interesting DIY designer toy....

21 May 2010

Incoming this summer is a new Mad*l designed by SketOne.Incoming this summer is a new Mad*l designed by SketOne. This "Bacon" character seen on a Dunny and a set of customs from the man himself...

24 August 2009
21 April 2009
16 February 2009
26 November 2008
29 April 2008
(From Left to right: Geoff "main man" Whitehouse, Nick "co-owner" Carroll, Ginny "I've come for the booze" O'Shea, Kirsty "drinks til...
28 August 2007
Sket killed it once again...nice to see him doing more canvas work of his recurring characters with a bit more of a graff feel for this show rather than his more recent custom-based work....
10 June 2012

Andrew Bell has announced the DYZPlastic will be releasing the Android mini collectible Series 03...

11 March 2010
23 July 2009
16 April 2009
27 January 2009
17 November 2008
12 November 2007

Due to drop in December is Sket's Ripple figure produced by Mindstlye. First off available in White with a GID version to follow. Can't wait!!


14 August 2007

So the hype machine is in full swing in anticipation of Series 4...and no wonder really, first MAD's killer design with a touch of bling and now this, Sket's contribution.

Be interested to...

07 September 2010

Sket One will make a limited number of his artist's proofs from the Dunny 2010 series available tomorrow at 2pm. For those of you that missed out on the mustard and relish editions, this may be...

05 January 2010
04 June 2009
11 March 2009

BIC are at it again and 2009 could be a huge year for these guys who seem to be really bringing some serious heat. This teaser doesn't give much away..indeed it looks...

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