Maneki Neko Sofubi by T9G
15 March 2016

A new Japanese brand Kenelephant will soon be launching their pop-up shop called Engimono Department Store. Their backstory is that Engimono is a fictional store that promotes good luck and...

Neon Orange Byron by Shoko Nakazawa
14 March 2016

Koraters (AKA Shoko Nakakawa) has been cranking out sofubi versions of his super cute kaiju, Byron. This newly revealed colorway is an eyecatcher, featuring neon orange sofubi and a dog-like white...

Son of Mummy YouZha by Plaseebo Available Friday, March 11!
07 March 2016

Plaseebo is unleashing this fourth in a series of one-of-a-kind custom YouZha figures this Friday – March 11 – through his web-shop


Dream House Monster Kaijin
03 March 2016

The calendar just turned to March and we're finally starting to thaw out up here in the Northeast. But we're still down for some chilly sofubi. Check out the amazing work done by Kaijin on the...

Itokin Park Sofubi Astronaut
19 February 2016

Ground control to Major Kazu! It looks like Itokin Park is prepping another wave of his astronaut sofubi toys. These adorable, retro-styled spacefaring guys have been notoriously difficult to...

Unico Sofubi by Algangu for Wonderfestival Winter 2016
01 February 2016

Often overshadowed by Astro Boy, Unico is the most adorable creation of manga legend Osamu Tezuka. Japanese artist Algangu has licensed the design to create sofubi versions of the baby...

Photo Recap | myplasticheart's Monstrosities 2016
22 January 2016

myplasticheart assembled more kaiju than a Toho movie marathon, featuring work from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Bwana Spoons, Paul Kaiju, Splurrt, and many more. "So ugly it's cute" doesn't apply here...

X-Ray Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Sofubi by Secret Base
12 January 2016

"What did you do, Ray?!" Globulating saccharine destruction upon Tokyo today is Secret Base's newest sofubi, an "X-Ray" version of the pudgiest movie mascot, the Stay Puft...

Garamon Tank by Plaseebo
14 March 2016

Calling all Plaseebo fans... this one's for you! 

Titled "Garamon Tank”, this piece is a one of a kind custom mash-up of a sofubi vinyl Garamon figure, and a hand cast resin...

Aliens Park Sofubi
09 March 2016

Hong Kong natives Aliens Park and Angel Abby are teaming up to produce an Absolute Zero colorway of Aliens Park's Harry sculpture. Harry's big, goofy smile and wide eyes are now complemented by a...

Mail Order your GEEK! x KENTH TOY WORKS "Kerberosman" Kenth Custom Today!
07 March 2016

Need a new guard dog? Check out this awesome, new sofubi custom piece by GEEK! x KENTH TOY WORKS! They may share the same purple and blue speckled body and rock the same tattered,...

#TBT | Rebel Ink by Usugrow & Secret Base
03 March 2016

Usugrow burst onto the Japanese art scene in the early '90s with his concert posters for punk and hardcore shows. Since then, he's been creating tattoo-inspired work, heavily featuring skulls,...

12 February 2016

Kenth Toy Works has teamed up with well-known Harajuku brand Milkboy on a brand new collaboration toy and t-shirt!

Taking inspiration from the Kubrick cult classic movie A Clock Work...

Flatwoods Monster Up for Pre-Order at Lulubell Toy Bodega
27 January 2016

If the Medicom x Marmit Flatwoods Monster piqued your interest, you'll be happy to know it's...

Tiger Boss Sofubi by Max Toy Co.
15 January 2016

This happy little salaryman doesn't have karoshi - death by overwork - on his mind. He's just raking in the money and hitting up the pachinko parlor at 2AM. Designed by ...

Uamou x Fluffy House | Miss Rainbow Uamou & Chicky Boo
11 January 2016

Hong Kong cute meets Japanese kawaii with the latest collaboration between Uamou and Fluffy house. Ayako Takagi will be hand painting each of these limited edition Uamous, which are sporting Miss...

Mini Dracula Uamou
14 March 2016

We're nowhere near Halloween, but that hasn't stopped Ayako Takagi from creating some cute Mini Dracula Uamous. These tiny versions of the previously full-sized Dracula Uamous are each hand-...

Chima Group sofubi
09 March 2016

Chances are you didn't get to attend Wonder Fest in Japan last month. Bummer, but...

Rangeron & Byron
07 March 2016

If you've been holding off for an awesome colorway of T9G's and Shoko Nakazawa's Rangeron and Byron toys, you might want to set your clocks to Hong Kong time....

Stone Uamou
26 February 2016

Soft vinyl meets a rock hard aesthetic with this collaboration between Studio Uamou and Mographixx. Stone Uamou was released last year as part of Studio Uamou's matte series of figures, but this...

New Chima Group Sofubi for Wonder Festival
05 February 2016

With only a few releases during the second half of 2015, things had been pretty quiet with Chima Group. But today they announced they're brining two brand new casts to Wonder Festival on Saturday...

Tons of New Medicom Reveals for Winter & Spring
25 January 2016

Japanese toy and lifestyle brand Medicom just dropped a ton of reveals for the coming months. From Sanrio keychains to a Flatwoods Monster kaiju, here are what you need to keep an eye on.


TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sofubi Toy Series by Dune
14 January 2016

What if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon adaptation didn't hit the airwaves in 1989 America, but in 1969 Japan? These sofubi toys are what. Produced by Dune, who have also created...

Secret Base × Super7’s “Alien (Sinister Sandstorm)” Edition!
07 January 2016

The terrifying Xenomorph from the Alien film franchise strikes again, returning in its Japanese vinyl form from Secret Base &...


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