14 September 2016

Sonic Mania, while horribly titled, is probably my most anticipated game of 2017. Rather than continuing the 2.5D look of Sonic 4, this game imagines what a Sonic the...

13 July 2016

I feel so bad for kids who grew up after Sonic the Hedgehog was a thing. While the 16-bit games don't seem like much today, the games' breakneck speed was mind-blowing at...

27 June 2016

Shut up and take my rings, Drop Dead. After a decade of being relegated to Hot Topic, Sonic the Hedgehog finally gets some streetwear love courtesy of the UK fashion brand. And this isn't the new...

Console Wars at Gallery 1988
11 December 2015

Whether you were a SNES kid or a Genesis - that's Mega Drive to all of our readers outside of North America - family, you're going to want to check out the opening reception of "Console...

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