14 October 2016

P!Q took the short hike from Grand Central to the Javits and brought a bunch of custom Labbits. The gift shop put together a group show focusing on sweets and Kidrobot's newest blank platform toy...

13 July 2016

After a long period of a scarcity of Mini Munnys and complete absence of full-sized Munnys and Trikkys, all three are back in stock at Kidrobot thanks to their collaboration with Crayola. Joining...

Kidrobot Plush Labbit with Littons Revealed!
03 February 2016

I've been hoping for this moment for a full week! Kidrobot have just unveiled product shots of their plush Labbit with Littons set, a story we broke ...

24" Stache Labbit & Litton Family Plush Set from Kidrobot
27 January 2016

Personal anecdote time! I love puppies. Always have, always will. When I was a wee child, I got an amazing birthday present called Puppy Surprise. It was a big plush dog with a bunch of tiny...

Kidrobot 2016 Releases
09 January 2016

Keep this on the DL, but we've unearthed some sneak peeks of Kidrobot's upcoming releases from a merch distributor. Coming within the next few months is a new line of plushies from Heidi...

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