Bob's Burgers
02 May 2016

Open now and on display until Saturday, May 7 is Gallery1988's art show dedicated to Bob's Burgers. The Beast Brothers, Jellykoe, Steff Bomb, and plenty more are participating, with...

Cat Sandwich Steff Bomb
01 March 2016

Hold the onions, give me some extra peppers, and throw a little cat in there, too. Yum! Steff Bomb's latest creation is a tribute to ALF, the alien from the planet Melmac with a ferocious...

Steff Bomb Teases New Plush Bomb
03 February 2016

Steff Bomb gets meta with her newest plushy. The cartoony bomb might look cute, what with it's winking eye and big smile, but you never know if you're in danger of an adorable death by explosion....

Plushy Switchblades by Steff Bomb
03 December 2015

The most adorable badass presents a tree ornament that's sure to stand out from the standard bobbles. Sewn with love by Steff Bomb, these switchblades are perfect for any greaser or old-timey...

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