07 September 2016

If there's anything I've learned over the past several years, it's that you've got to stay hydrated during a con. Sticky Monster Lab are adding some extra incentive with a super cute souvenir cup...

29 August 2016

One of our most anticipated releases of the season has been the triumvirate of Sticky Monster Lab, Jason Freeny, and Mighty Jaxx. We got a quick preview back in May, but now that the dissected...

SML dissected
03 May 2016

Well that's a coincidence. We recently featured Sticky Monster Lab as part of our #TBT series. And that was pretty timely, since the Korean...

Sticky Monster Lab
14 April 2016

"Pear shaped" is often used as a perjorative, but for Sticky Monster Lab it's a term of endearment. In 2011 the Korean creative team launched a series of art toys based on their animation,...

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