Pink Sofubi Ice Bat
15 April 2016

Remember last week's #TBT, where we highlighted Ice Bat from the Kaiju for Grown Ups series? It...

30 May 2012

Cometdebris has just announced the release of, yet another, Dave by Sun-Min and David Horvath. Dave is cast in blue vinyl, with metallic purple,...

24 May 2010
28 September 2007

These are some of my favourite pieces to have come out over the last year and these versions look amazing. Wonderwall's KFGU series has been well recieved and Japanese vinyl is soooo nice.


31 August 2007

Woo and in fact Hoo....Spiderboom Babies are coming from Toy2r! Looks like they'll be a blind boxed series and only $4!!!! Mystery versions too...damn...gotta get them all!

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