Tako plush
21 April 2016

In 2010 UK duo Tado teamed up with Kidrobot to create their cutest plushie ever. Tako, named for the Japanese word for "octopus", featured big, embroidered kawaii eyes, a puckered mouth...

Kidrobot Totem Doppelganger
17 March 2016

Doppelgangers are bad news. Various folklore tell of an instant death upon seeing your double, or at the very least, a bit of bad luck will follow. Unless they're made of vinyl, that is. These...

tokidoki stgcc 2011
25 February 2016

tokidoki have teamed up with plenty of brands for collaborations, from Onitsuka Tiger and LeSportsac to 7-11 and Hatsune Miku. But their 2011 collaboration with the Singapore Post is my personal...

#TBT | Rolitoboy Mini French Kiss Series by Rolito
11 February 2016

After spending years working on Toy2r’s Qee platform, French designer Rolito created a few toys of his own. 2006 saw the release of both the Rolitoboy and Rolitoboy Mini French Kiss Series. Even...

Opera Dude by Tokyoplastic
28 January 2016

We're going with a classic this week. Back in 2004 you maybe have stumbled across some stunning Flash animations from a boutique creative studio, Tokyoplastic. While the team was based in London,...

#TBT | Steel Fairies by Kaijin and Wonderwall
21 January 2016

Back in 2008, Japanese character designer Kaijin combined mod fashion, streamlined automotive engineering, and a healthy dose of Mega Man to create his Steel Fairies series. The designs'...

#TBT | CardBoy by Mark James
14 January 2016

Mark James came out swinging with his debut, an urban vinyl take on the stereotypical football hooligan. This design transcended the vinyl scene, finding attention - or more accurately,...

Sqwert Vinyl Toy Produced by Jamungo with Kozik, MAD, Ferg, Tara McPherson
07 January 2016

It’s Thursday, the day when the Internet takes a look back at the past. This week we’re featuring an oft-overlooked toy from a full decade ago: Sqwert, produced by Jamungo. 10 artist versions plus...

Sticky Monster Lab
14 April 2016

"Pear shaped" is often used as a perjorative, but for Sticky Monster Lab it's a term of endearment. In 2011 the Korean creative team launched a series of art toys based on their animation,...

#TBT | Rebel Ink by Usugrow & Secret Base
03 March 2016

Usugrow burst onto the Japanese art scene in the early '90s with his concert posters for punk and hardcore shows. Since then, he's been creating tattoo-inspired work, heavily featuring skulls,...

#TBT | Deadpool Custom Roundup
18 February 2016

Deadpool took first place at the box office this weekend by a margin of over 100 million dollars. That's a lot of money. So this week, we're skewing a deep cut to look back at a handful of awesome...

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