Chris Ryniak Pea Soup Bugbite
19 May 2016

Don't let the name of this little guy scare you-Bugbite by Chris Ryniak is just looking for a new home! This new colorway of Ryniak's character was released earlier this week in...

Amanda Visell Micro Bramble and Micro Bertie Sets Available Now
13 April 2016

Amanda Visell just keeps pumping more resin sets to collect! Today she announced there were two new sets up for sale, but the...

ToyCon UK Clear Teal T-Con the Toyconosaurus
06 April 2016

If you're heading to ToyCon UK this weekend, be sure that you grab this exclusive for your collection! T-Con the Toyconosaurus is ...

Scott Tolleson Strawberry Kookie No Good Coming Soon!
04 April 2016

Over the weekend, Scott Tolleson posted a photo of a new Kookie No Good on his Instagram page-and it...

Kozik x Kidrobot General Tso's Nightmare Release Party
29 March 2016

What happens when you put a dark twist to a recognized fried chicken mascot? You get General Tso's Nightmare, the latest creation from Frank...

Flat Bonnie Easter Plushes
24 March 2016

Are you looking to adopt a rabbit for Easter this weekend? Flat Bonnie says "Adopt A Plush - Save A Bunny" instead! There are five plushes available this...

Brutherford Industries Jr Scoop
17 March 2016

How CUTE is this ice cream toy and why hasn't this been produced yet? It's called Jr Scoop and it's the product of ...

tokidoki Moofia Series 2
08 March 2016

The Moofia gang is back by popular demand! Moofia Series 2 is the latest series of blind box toys by tokidoki. This is the third version of the...

Super 7 Glow Cyclobot Fighter
11 May 2016

If you're just a bit superstitious (or have a fear of serial killers sporting hockey masks), you might be dreading this Friday. Don't fear-...

Super 7 Crunchy Brown Kandy Kaiju
12 April 2016

This is a definitely a treat-Super 7 will be releasing a new colorway of their Kandy Kaiju toys this week! This latest will feature Foster and Milton...

Strawberry Kookie No Good Release Date Confirmed!
05 April 2016

Yesterday we were excited to hear about a new hot pink "Strawberry" Kookie No Good...

Wesker Zhan Jack The Rascal Black Colorway & Prints at Myplasticheart
01 April 2016
Super 7 Clear Honoo & Drunk Seijin Springtime
29 March 2016

Super 7 just continues to release new toys this month! Going on sale this Thursday will be two new colorways of Honoo and Seijin, both part of...

Juan Muniz Pink UHOH Felipe
23 March 2016

It's like the Easter Bunny with a twist! This version of UHOH Felipe by Juan Muniz is a whole bunch of cuteness that I can't say no to....

Super 7 Hulkin' Out Hollis Price and Red Spectre Rose Vampire
15 March 2016

Super 7 is welcoming Spring with two new toys from their Monster Family line this week! First we have...

Amanda Visell Michelle Valigura Skunk n Stinker Set
08 March 2016

What a cute little stinker-literally! Last week we posted a teaser of a new resin set by Amanda Visell and...

Odd Fauna Ovok Bloom
19 April 2016

I learned about Odd Fauna, a collection of cute beasts created and designed by Emma SanCartier, back at New York Comic Con 2015 and started...

Woot Bear Bedtime Bunnie Coming Soon!
11 April 2016

Can't wait for the next Peter Kato and Clutter's Bedtime Bunnie? You don't have to-Woot Bear...

Jack The Rascal Exhibit at Myplasticheart Roundup
05 April 2016

As previously reported, myplasticheart...

Yosuke Ueno x VTSS Life Soldier 5000 Pink Edition
31 March 2016

The second colorway of Japan-based artist Yosuke Ueno and VTSS Toys "Life Solider 5000...

Jack The Rascal Mini Exhibit & Signing
25 March 2016

To kick off April, myplasticheart is hosting a mini exhibition featuring Jack The Rascal as well as a signing with Jack's creator Wesker Zhan. Come...

Amanda Louise Spayd x Stranger Factory Atticus Tropical Colorway
18 March 2016

It's Friday so why don't you kick off your weekend with a cute release from Amanda Louise Spayd and...

Flat Bonnie Exclusives for WonderCon 2016
10 March 2016

Flat Bonnie is ready for WonderCon with a collection of new plushes looking for a...

Peter Kato Bunnie Mini-Peg & Enamel Pin Reveal
02 March 2016


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