#TBT | Rebel Ink by Usugrow & Secret Base
03 March 2016

Usugrow burst onto the Japanese art scene in the early '90s with his concert posters for punk and hardcore shows. Since then, he's been creating tattoo-inspired work, heavily featuring skulls,...

rebel ink jpk
23 July 2014

Jon-Paul Kaiser is back with a new version of Usugrow's Rebel Ink...

23 January 2012

ATTENTION: All  Usugrow and Rebel Ink Fans who were not able to go to the SuperFest58.  Secret-Base will be giving you...

13 June 2011

Been seeing little teasers of this recently, none of which big enough to really talk about so I havent blogged it till now. It's always exciting when Usugrow releases a new toy with SecretBase....

28 April 2010

Coming in the next few weeks is the latest version of Usugrow's Rebel Ink produced by SecretBase. This one comes in a fetching chocolate/rootbeer esque clear vinyl with gold back print and black...

09 October 2009
24 July 2009
13 March 2009


Looks like it's going clear vinyl for next Salvation Ink by Usugrow and Secret Base...making it the 5th version so far. I've not been won over by this piece...
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