06 March 2009
05 March 2009
03 February 2009
09 March 2008

Obsessed, me? Only a lil bit ;)


31 August 2007

I keep switiching between dread at the thought and excitement it's gonna rock.

Zack Snyder:

"Then I'll look at the compositions that are in the graphic novel and the...

20 August 2007

Hmmm....really not looking forward to this now. Loving the promo poster by Dave Gibbons, happy Zack Snyder's directing (seeing how faithful 300 was to the comic's art), but not liking the cast...

30 May 2007

So i'm doing my bi-monthly glance at IMDB...and lordy The Watchmen is now in pre-production although no cast memebers have been confirmed. I don't have high hopes of yet another of my favourite...

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