Ice Bat Sofubi
07 April 2016

There's been some buzz lately after some teasers of a sofubi mini figure series from David Horvath's Uglydolls, including fan favorite, Ice Bat. But back in 2008, a six inch sofubi Ice Bat...

#TBT | Steel Fairies by Kaijin and Wonderwall
21 January 2016

Back in 2008, Japanese character designer Kaijin combined mod fashion, streamlined automotive engineering, and a healthy dose of Mega Man to create his Steel Fairies series. The designs'...

12 March 2008

Coming soon from Wonderwall/intheyellow is the next installment in the KFGU series, this time from Luke Chueh. The Sad Mecha Bear is a bit different for the KFGU series, being more of a robot but...

10 March 2008

Picture from Vinylpulse

Incoming from Joe Ledbetter - wow really churning them out, Ringo only just out, Smash about to be released and now this "Hammerhead". Only a...

22 November 2007

So we've already seen Horvath's baby Chupacabra in the UMA sets from Wonderwall and now we have the daddy (or mommy could be a female goat sucking creature after all). This one definitely has less...

18 June 2007
Oh look...i'm blogging about Horvath again. I swear it's not an obsession, honest!
So Horvath's blog has been alluding to a new toy - UMA and now all has been revealed....
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