WuzOne Custom Dunny
27 April 2016

Elmo with an afro pick? Sure, why not? WuzOne's hand-painted work is on point as always, and he continues his recent trend of adding extra eyes to classic characters (which should be weird, but he...

Mickey Messy Custom Dunnys by WuzOne
30 March 2016

I probably don't have to spell out who these custom Dunnys are based on. What's amazing about the new pieces from WuzOne is how perfectly those intertwining hands are recreated on each of the...

FutDunny Foosball Custom Set by WuzOne
16 March 2016

I might literally be the worst foosball player ever. But if there were a foosball table outfitted with Dunnys, I might want to get in on some games anyway. WuzOne has great memories of playing...

Taz the Tasmanian Devil Dunny
03 March 2016

In line with Kidrobot's current partnership with Warner Bros. and the Looney Tunes franchise, WuzOne's latest custom is a Dunny recreation of the Tasmanian Devil, also known as Taz. I love the...

WuzOne custom dunny
25 February 2016

I don't think I've seen a toy customized quite like this before. WuzOne bifurcated a 3 inch Dunny before painting a Batman outfit on it and pasting it to a Gotham City backdrop. Showcasing it...

Custom Gundam Dunny by WuzOne RX-78
11 December 2015

"Chaaaarrr!!!" WuzOne translates the angular design of the RX-78 Gundam, originally created by Kunio Okawara, to the plump surfaces of Kidrobot's 3" Dunny platform. However, the painstakingly...

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