23 September 2016

I need sugar, stat! After walking through P!Q in Grand Central to view Zard Apuya's first solo show, I'm lusting for donuts, Kinder Happy Hippos, and chunks of cookie dough. Zard, if you didn't...

02 September 2016

I hope you've saved your appetite. Zard Apuya's solo custom show at P!Q Grand Central opens today! "Zard Apuya's All You Can't Eat Buffet" features over 70 gourmet custom toys to peruse and...

12 August 2016

I'm hungry already! Zard Apua is getting his first solo from September 2nd - 13th, thanks to P!Q in Grand Central, NYC. If you've been following Zard's work at all, you'll know he has a...

Zard Apuya custom toys
13 May 2016

I'm drooling! Zard Apuya saw my comment hoping for a Dunkaroos version of his custom Munny World toys based on snacks. And here it is! Zard used a Raffi as a base, and added some plastic on top fo...

Yan Yan Custom Dunny by Zard Apuya
01 April 2016

I've been going sugar-free for a while now, so this post is particularly painful to write. Zard Apuya's latest custom looks delicious. Remember Dunkaroos? Yan Yan is sort of like that. Buiscuit...

Custom Munny
26 February 2016

In case you didn't know, I really like candy and custom toys. Zard Apuya, known for his custom toys based on snacks like Kit-Kats, Twix, and Pockey targets one of my favorite treats for his most...

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