07 November 2016

As a quick update, Glow, the levitating lamp which we recently featured, has just gone live on Kickstarter. While smaller contributions / rewards are available, the main draw is the $119 early-...

19 September 2016

James Jarvis is a name you don't hear too often anymore in the world of designer toys. And while this isn't exactly a designer toy, it's close enough for me. Case Studyo have teamed up with one of...

02 September 2016

Be@rbricks and cleanliness: two of my favorite things. Cleverin, a Japanese disinfectant and cleaning brand, has teamed up with Medicom to create what seem to be Be@rbrick-shaped bottles and a set...

Hedgehog cup clingers
13 June 2016

Cups are so utilitarian. But you can spice things up with a cup clinger, and the best cup clingers take the shape of hedgehogs. These guys have just hit stores that house gachapon machines and run...

Travis Cain BFF mug
29 February 2016

For some people, coffee is their BFF, making this mug from Travis Cain and Kidrobot pretty spot on. The mug will also come with a mystery figure. What item would juxtapose with a mug like the rest...

Air Bonsai Levitating Plants
27 January 2016

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