Posted by marc May 02, 2016
Bob's Burgers

Open now and on display until Saturday, May 7 is Gallery1988's art show dedicated to Bob's Burgers. The Beast Brothers, Jellykoe, Steff Bomb, and plenty more are participating, with prints, paintings, sculptures, and even crochet up for viewing and for purchase. Check out the gallery below for some of our favorites, include Steff Bomb's rendition of Gene's keyboard synth! See the...

Posted by marc May 02, 2016
20" Brillo Dunny

With his mid-'60s sculptures, Andy Warhol created one-to-one simulacra of everyday objects. His Brillo boxes, for example, aren't made out of cardboard, but painted and silk-screened plywood. Five decades later and that sculpture is now taking the form of a 20 inch Dunny! Kidrobot have just released a photo of the first Mega Dunny in the Warhol line. It's going to be tough to say "no" to this...

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Posted by brittandpuppycat May 02, 2016
Conquer Your Nightmares with May's Mythical Pokémon, Darkrai!

Get your Nintendo 3DS's ready, trainers! It's May, which means it's time for your monthly dose of Mythical Pokèmon!

From May 1, 2016, until May 24, 2016, you can add the Dark Pokèmon Darkrai to your party. Stop by your local Gamestop or EBGames to pick up the special code before time runs out!

Having been first...

Posted by marc May 02, 2016
Jelly Empire Kickstarter

The Jelly Empire has had a very hard time keeping their plush Jellybot in stock over the past few years. Since these are handmade, large quantities aren't available and quickly sell out when brought to art shows and conventions. But they're hoping to change that with their new Kickstarter campaign, which will help the plush be produced at a much higher scale. For just $25, you can get your own...

Posted by kristina April 29, 2016
Johnny Cupcakes LA Closing

After 8 years at their Los Angeles location, Johnny Cupcakes will be closing their doors this Saturday. Johnny Earle, the owner of the brand, announced earlier this year that he wanted to wanted to change the focus of the company in lieu or personal events. Changing the focus, as per Earle, includes closing some of his stores and the shop on Melrose...

Posted by Brian April 28, 2016
Secret of the Ooze

Last week, our friends at Playmates Toys were kind enough to send us a package containing a couple of their new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze 25th Anniversary Figures. We received a Leonardo figure as well as Donatello. Playmates had sold these figures previously in their ”Classics” line, as figures from the first TMNT movie, but they’ve included a...

Posted by Karl April 28, 2016

After what seems like an age Black Mask Comics finally release 'Four Kids Walk into a Bank', a five issue mini-series about, well, four kids who walk into a bank.

The first issue kicks off with a nice scene setter where we meet our four protagonists playing D&D.  The humour, even here, is dark and fun and then we meet these four 11...

Posted by kristina April 27, 2016
Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura Pig and Butterfly

The latest pair by Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura may look like an unlikely match at first, but you have to admit they make a cute couple! Meet Pig and Butterfly, a new resin duo that's growing on me. Pig stands with nose in the air while Butterfly is smiling. Choose to have to the two stand side by side or have Butterfly sit on Pig's nose...

Posted by marc April 27, 2016
Nintendo Zelda Delay 2017

Outside of the wild success of their Amiibo figures, Nintendo has been hurting for a long time. Things just got even bleaker this morning when the company announced that their biggest game in years, a reworking of The Legend of Zelda, has been delayed yet again. Originally planned for 2015, then pushed to 2016, the game will now be launching in 2017. That game was the anchor for...


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