Posted by marc May 25, 2016
Space Invaders Blindbox

One of the most formative experiences of my life was when my dad showed me how to play Space Invaders on his Intellivision. Since that day, I've been fated to be a nerd. Now that nerdiness has been distilled into blindbox format. A brand called The Coop are releasing 10 colorways of the iconic Space Invader characters, including some translucent colors, a GID version, and a...

Posted by kristina May 25, 2016
MJ Hsu Donatsu


Let's take a moment to admire over the latest from MJ Hsu, shall we? They are just so cute! Introducing Donatsu, resin toys that are a cross between donuts and cute animals. They come in such bright colors and decorations you might be tempted to bite into one. They're so frigging adorable you're not going to be able...

Posted by marc May 25, 2016
Converse Ultraman

Need to kick some kaiju ass? Lace up with these sneakers from the newly announced Converse x Ultraman collaboration. Celebrating 50 years of Ultraman, three sneakers will be released, taking cues from the designs of the show's titular hero, Ultraman, as well as fan-favorite bad guys, Eleking and Alien Baltan. These are of course exclusive to Japan and will be released in...

Posted by marc May 25, 2016
WuzOne Dunny

Poor Charlie Brown. Kid just can't catch a break. In WuzOne's newest set of custom 3-inch Dunnys, Family Guy's Stewie has beheaded the Peanuts character and taken on his personality. These are actually miniaturized version of an 8-inch Dunny Wuz customized in 2009. An edition of three, these are available for $115 each on...

Posted by Brian May 24, 2016

This October, Herocross will be coming out with a new and quite unique set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures. These toys will be a blend of die-cast metal and plastic parts and are inspired by the classic cartoon. Each Turtle has 20 points of articulation, as well as multiple different hands, their signature weapons, and an alternate head for each Turtle. These figures will be...

Posted by marc May 24, 2016
Last Blade 2 PS4

The absolutely stunning Neo-Geo game The Last Blade 2 is now available to play on PS4 and PS Vita. The 1998 title is a masterpiece of the one-on-one fighting genre, the specialty of SNK's Neo-Geo arcade and home console system. Unlike games like Street Fighter or King of FightersThe Last Blade series prominently features...

Posted by marc May 24, 2016
Moleskine Project

The Moleskine Project is an annual exhibition curated by Spoke Art. Each artist is given a Moleskine notebook to create an illustration on and send it back to Spoke to exhibit. For the first time, Spoke are self-publishing a collection of highlights from the first two years of The Moleskine Project. $30 gets you a classic Moleskine, complete with ribbon marker and rubber band closure, filled...

Posted by Brian May 23, 2016
Rock Roll TMNT

Tomorrow, the long-awaited TMNT game from Platinum Games will be hitting store shelves. This new game is heavily inspired by IDW’s awesome TMNT comic series, and is even written by Tom Waltz, the ongoing title’s writer. This game can be played single player or online multiplayer and will be going for $40 at most retailers. If you act now and reserve a copy from Game Stop, you...

Posted by Brian May 23, 2016
Party Leo

Happy World Turtle Day everyone! There are many ways to celebrate this great occasion. You can donate to a worthy cause or scrub oil off a turtle’s shell or, if you’re like me, you can lay back and watch TMNT 3 on Netflix, devour some leftover pepperoni pizza and dig through some of your classic Playmates TMNT toys and pose them in cool ways. The choice is yours!


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