Posted by marc February 10, 2016
Super7 Valentine's Day Pie Guy and Blue Magic Pumpkin Boy

We're gonna have to amend our Valentine's Day Gift Guide since Super7 have just revealed their Valentine's Day Pie Guy. Cute and sweet, his filling is cast in strawberry pink and glow-in-the-dark marbled vinyl while his crust is tan vinyl. Hits of metallic white finish off his moustache, eyes,...

Posted by kristina February 10, 2016
Tokidoki Unicorno Frenzies Series 2

If you're a fan of Unicornos by Tokidoki you're in luck: The second series of their Unicorno Frenzies is here! This series includes more of Tokidoki's popular Unicorno designs but in a smaller charm size. Each Frenzie comes with a 6 cm blue strap and lobster clasp that you can use as a zipper pull or keychain. It also...

Posted by marc February 10, 2016
Bloodborne Enamel Pins by ESC-Toy

The current generation of game consoles has been a total bummer for me. I can't think of a single PS4 game that's on the shelves that I really want to play. Except for Bloodborne. (And Street Fighter V, but that's not out until next week!) If you're of a similar persuasion and love punishingly difficult but very stylish games, check out these official Bloodborne...

Posted by marc February 10, 2016
coarse Stone Omen Custom by Squink

This new commission from Squink is ready to rock one lucky collector's shelf. Apparently using plenty of clay, Squink has applied custom sculpting to every inch of this Omen, originally by coarse. Weathered and distressed, this amazing piece wouldn't be out of place perched atop a gothic-style city building. I've never seen Squink create something with this stoney look before, making it even...

Posted by marc February 10, 2016
3.5" Pink Kwaii Clomp by JPX x coarse

Well that was quick! Just one day after announcing a black 7 inch version of their Kwaii Clomp sculpture, JPX and coarse have announced a pink 3.5 inch version. As The Toy Chronicle reports, this should be out sometime...

Posted by marc February 10, 2016
Bugs Bunny Anatomic Wabbit by Jason Freeny x Kidrobot

As if Mark Dean Veca's Tweety Bird wasn't disturbing enough, Jason Freeny, Kidrobot, Bigshot Toyworks, and Warner Brothers have developed a Bugs Bunny figure in Jason Freeny's "anatomical" style, where his subjects' guts and bones are revealed on one lengthwise side. It's awesome to see Kidrobot taking licensed characters and putting a crazy spin on them rather than just applying a super-...

Posted by kristina February 09, 2016
Martian Toys ToyConUK Contest Roundup

Voting has begun for perhaps one of the greatest competitions we’ve seen in the designer toy scene. Martian Toys is sponsoring a custom toy contest in which the winning artist will receive a round trip ticket to London for ToyConUK 2016!

The contest includes 29 entries from 25 artists based out of the United States and United Kingdom. In order to enter, participants had to...

Posted by marc February 09, 2016
Glass Sculptures by Christina Bothwell

That's not resin; it's cast glass and stone. Christina Bothwell went to art school for painting but taught herself the ways of ceramics and evetually cast glass. She creates these ethereal - and sometimes haunting - sculptures out of glass and stone. The transitions between the two materials are dramatic. The stone adds a rustic vibe to the ethereal nature of the colored glass. Check out more...

Posted by marc February 09, 2016
JPX x COARSE: Kwaii Clomp

coarse and toy production company JPX are poised to release a new rendition of their Kawii Clomp sculpture on Sunday, February 14. Standing 7 inches tall, this version of the cute bull swaps out its light gray color palette for a sleeker black. The arms are articulated and you can tilt the head from side to side, adding a pensive look to the figure. Limited to 350, Kawii Clomp will retail for...


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