Posted by kristina June 24, 2016
90s NIQ at PIQ Grand Central

I grew watching A LOT of Nickelodeon in the 90s, so the programs aired during that time have a special place in my heart. So you can imagine the excitement I had learning that PIQ Grand Central's next group show will feature just that! The show will feature several artists showing their versions of popular cartoons, sitcoms, game...

Posted by kristina June 24, 2016
Eimi Takano Donut Badges & Necklaces

These accessories by Eimi Takano are so cute! Now you can carry your own Donut Baby where ever you go with this fun looking badges and necklaces. Each badge and necklace is about 1.6 inches in size and made of resin. The badges are a 2-piece set that you can either wear them together to give one...

Posted by marc June 23, 2016
Uglydoll x TAG

If you've been waiting for a painted version of the Uglydoll sofubi series, now's your chance. Featuring hand-painted detailing as well as blue and silver sprays, a fresh coat of paint hits all eight figures, which are cast in glittering, pink sofubi. Standing 2 inches tall, you can pick up your favorite Uglydoll for $15 or buy the whole set for $75 over at...

Posted by marc June 23, 2016
WuzOne Custom Dunny

WuzOne has been going cartoon crazy lately. His most recent custom series puts a WuzOne spin on the original grumpy cat, Garfield, with extra eyes, clean lines, and bold colors. If you think these are awesome, you're not alone; all four editions have already sold out! But at the pace he's been going, you'll only have to wait another week or so for your next chance at a custom WuzOne piece....

Posted by marc June 23, 2016
A Bathing Ape x Kamen Rider

It's henshin-a-go-go over at BAPE! The streetwear brand has teamed up with Toei to design a collection of apparel celebrating the 45th anniversary of Kamen Rider. The tokusatsu TV show debuted in 1971, telling the story of a brainwashing terrorist group called SHOCKER and the one recruit who was able to escape and fight for great justice. The flagship pieces of the...

Posted by kristina June 22, 2016
Switcheroo Mossy Wood Llama & Toadstool and Pink Elephant & Drunky

Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura aka Switcheroo don't ever take a break. Today Visell posted two new resin sets available in the Switcheroo shop. Both releases are new colorways of previous sets but, in my opinion, these are just a bit cuter than those.

The Llama and Toadstool set have an earthy feel to it in their latest...

Posted by kristina June 21, 2016
Fluffy House Fluffy Rabbit Set 2.0

Don't let their cuteness deceive you-these rabbits are full of mischief! Fluffy House has released the second version of their Fluffy Rabbit Set which includes three of their Naughty Rabbits. These rabbits are small enough to get into your business so you need to keep your eye on them! The set includes three 5.5cm-tall Naughty...

Posted by marc June 21, 2016
T9G x Instinctoy

We've seen the 3D renders of T9G's collaboration with Instinctoy, but now we're getting a glimpse of it in real life. Ditching the leopard print for a matte black body and glossy black accents, I actually prefer this simpler colorway. Keep in mind that this is a proto - it's title is "Proto-Black" - and may not be released in this exact colorway, though Instinctoy note that "the...

Posted by marc June 21, 2016
Night King Kidrobot

Just a week after teasing a new colorway of Brandt Peters' Night King, Kidrobot have dropped the creepy, cartoony vinyl on their web shop. While Kidrobot did not produce the toy - that was done by Cardboard Spaceship Toys and sculpting was done by Dennis Cornetta - this colorway is exclusive to the brand. Standing 7 inches tall, it features three points of articulation: a swiveling neck...


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