Posted by Miranda September 28, 2016
NYCC 16 EXCLUSIVE: Rose C'est La Vie 6" Bedtime Bunny

Clutter and Peter Kato have once again teamed up to create this Clutter Exclusive Rose C'est La Vie Bedtime Bunnie colorway!

Standing 6-inches tall, these vinyl companions of insomnia have been pulled in a light pink color, with white face details, and white bunny slippers.

This edition of these adorable rabbits will keep you company...

Posted by marc September 28, 2016

Tenacious Toys are brining airbrushed goodness to NYCC courtesy of UNCLE Studio. Cosmic ultralandscapes are comprised of stars, galaxies, and nebulae, and adorn a Calevarita, Mecha Dunny, Storntrooper, and Atropa Dunny. Even though these figures are somewhat large, the miniscule detailing is amazing. I could stare at these things all day. Prices vary from $200 to $300 dollars and all four...

Posted by marc September 28, 2016

Javier Jimenez outdid himself this time. The 2.5 inch Maneki Wananeko is both super cute and hilarious. His Wananeko character is in disguise as a demented lucky cat, but his battered appearance and spiked ball my tip observers off to his true identity.


The OG orange colorway is currently up for...

Posted by marc September 28, 2016

These glass sculptures are far more interesting than that shitty Crystal Skulls movie. Designed by Turkish artist Ali Bakova, the skulls have a subtle angular design to them, and even more strikingly, alternate between lighter and darker colors of glass, twirling around the sculptures inside and out.



Posted by marc September 28, 2016

The HD remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess may have come out way back in March, but it's better late than never, as Good Smile Company are launching three Figmas based on the game. Link and Zelda are of course slated for release, and the third product is a deluxe version of Link, which comes with several more accessories, including the hookshot, bow, ball and...

Posted by kristina September 28, 2016
MJ Hsu Halloween Delectables Sneak Peek!

If you didn't think Halloween Donatsu wasn't enough cuteness, MJ Hsu has also revealed new Halloween colorways of her Delectables Dunnys this week! The...

Posted by Miranda September 27, 2016
NYCC 16 EXCLUSIVE: Galaxy Bedtime Bunny & Uamou Set

Did you fall in love with these Galaxy Bedtime Bunny & Uamou sets at Clutter Gallery's "Le Rêve du Lapin" show like we did? Here's your chance to grab your own set of this out-of-this-world, dream team!

This 6" x 2.5" x 1.5" vinyl Bedtime Bunnie platform designed by Peter Kato was hand...

Posted by marc September 27, 2016

Otto Björnik is bringing fungal love to NYCC. While his Mogu creatures have mostly been realized in 2D, specimens of the 3D toy versions are now ready for your shelf. Two variants - Kali and Kana - will be available at NYCC through myplasticheart. 15 pieces of each character have been made, and each stands 3 or 4 inches tall, depending on which character you get. There's plenty of fun lore...

Posted by marc September 27, 2016

Your NYCC budget just got a little tighter. myplasticheart have teamed up with Bubi Au Yeung and Fluffy House for an exclusive Treeson. Dubbed Be Kind & Silly Treeson, the classic character sticks his tongue out, shunning all the allegedly "serious business" of real life. A light pink branch sticks out from his heart and he is surrounded by a green glow thanks to the GID vinyl.



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