Posted by kristina October 26, 2016
Rato Kim Opens Shops (FINALLY!!)

After successful email pre-orders, limited store releases, and comic convention exclusives, Rato Kim has finally opened an online store! If you're still on the fence about getting one of the BoxCat platform customs you now can order them through Kim's Etsy store....

Posted by kristina October 25, 2016
NYCC 2016 Photo Recap: Part 13 | DTA Dunny Show

As usual, the Clutter booth in The Block was busy at this year's New York Comic Con. When fans weren't over at the booth to buy exclusives and talk toys, they were checking out the DTA Dunny Show.

There were so many styles of customs on displays that there was something for everyone's tastes. Several customs sold at NYCC but items were still displayed for viewing pleasure. Check...

Posted by marc October 24, 2016

Bubi Au Yeung is joining Shlap's stable of artists! Now along with Shawnimals, Lunartik, and a bunch of others, you can add some of Bubi's art to your iMessages. This batch is all about pandas. And since pandas are the best animals, I'm OK with that. For less than a dollar, you get 16 Bubi pandas, and if these take off, hopefully we'll get some Treeson stickers as well....

Posted by marc October 24, 2016

It's almost Halloween, which means it's time for a bunch of spooky custom toys! Lunartik's contribution to the socially acceptable pagan ritual is a glow-in-the-dark Mini Tea who looks like he's just seen a ghost. These are disappearing like pumpkins from stoops; 100 were released and only 26 are left, so...

Posted by marc October 21, 2016

You definitely remember the Air Bonsai we posted back in January. The project reached its Kickstarter goal nearly 11 times over, which bodes will for a new - and slightly more functional - project from Glow Design out of Tokyo. The Levitating Lamp operates on the same principles as the Air...

Posted by marc October 20, 2016

It seemed like KAWS was done with vinyl toys, and I don't think this really changes that, personally. But either way, you can snag six "new" Companions from Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth's online shop. It took me about an hour of trying on and off again, but I finally got through. I didn't purchase one though, because KAWS toys are expensive. The site lists these figures as 11 in x...


Posted by marc October 20, 2016

After seven months of infuriating silence, Nintendo finally unveiled their new console this morning. The Nintendo Swich is, as rumors have stated, a console / portable hybrid with detachable controllers. The console can be played as a handheld with the two controllers attached, on a desktop (with the use of a kickstand) with the detached controllers or a more traditional Pro Controller,...

Posted by kristina October 20, 2016
Shawnimals Halloween 2016 Pocket Pork Dumplings

It's time for the annual Halloween Pocket Pork Dumpling release from Shawnimals! The 2016 variants are a pair of mummies, complete with handpainted details. There are two versions to choose from and as an added bonus, both glow a nice blue hue in the dark. They're spooky and cute all rolled into a tiny take-out box! They're available at...

Posted by kristina October 19, 2016
NYCC 2016 Photo Recap: Part 12 | BunnyKitty

Now and then, new faces make their way into The Block section at New York Comic Con. BunnyKitty was one of those new faces to join The Block this year, and I have to say it's a perfect fit for the area. BunnyKitty is the product of graffiti artist Dave ‘PERSUE’ Ross. The booth included...


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