Posted by Trustpigs September 01, 2015
UME Toys's "Designer Toy Creation" Class

Richard Page, founder of UME Toys, is producing an interactive online class for those who are interested in learning how to create their own designer toys.

The class is titled "Designer Toy Creation", and will be offered via Mold3D Academy, an online resource for designers...

Posted by Trustpigs August 17, 2015

I recently had the honor of reviewing one of Kidrobot's upcoming 8" Dunnys, the WuzOne designed “No Strings On Me,” for This pre-release piece will be available at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, at...

Posted by Miranda August 11, 2015
David Flores Clutter Magazine Issue 29

Now available for you to read online completely for free over on Issuu is Clutter Issue Issue 29 - David Flores the Aug 2015 issue of your indispensable guide into the world of art toys, counter-culture, and underground art. This issue features cover art and interview with David Flores....

Posted by Trustpigs August 11, 2015

Available now in the Clutter Gallery's online shop, the Reinvention exhibition saw artists reimagining some of the most memorable designer toy pieces as different — but equally iconic — toys. Participating artists include: Blue-Frog World,...

Posted by Trustpigs August 08, 2015

The following was originally posted by Mike Strick to his website, here.

I was delighted to be invited to take part in the Reinvention Show at New York's Clutter Gallery. The theme of the Exhibition was toys reinvented as other toys. I took...

Posted by Trustpigs August 07, 2015

Canadian artist and toy customizer Patrick Wong reveals his contribution to Clutter Gallery's Reinvention show titled "Rebel Crunch". The 9" custom art toy is based on Ron English's iconic Cap'n...

Posted by Trustpigs August 05, 2015

One of the hardest elements designing an iconic art toy is creating a concept that become instantly classic. Now imagine being an artist and asked to reimagine some of the most memorable designer toy pieces as different — but equally iconic — toys. That was the challenge The Clutter Gallery issued for their upcoming Reinvention exhibition, and those brave souls that took part will defy...

Posted by Miranda July 31, 2015
TwoBit - New Release from David Flores x Bic Plastics

David Flores and Bic Plastics have once again teamed up to bring you the latest figure in the 'stained glass' arsenal; TwoBit. But wait, yes you may have seen this before! This figure was first teased back in 2008, and production shots shown in 2010 - see below -  so fans have been waiting for this one for a little...

Posted by Miranda July 30, 2015
Ron English:EVIL MC Hella Bling

Ron English has once again teamed up with the fine folk at Blackbook Toy to produce the latest colorway of Evil MC.  Produced in SOFUBI, they stand at a whopping 13.5" from head to toe. First released at Wonder Fest, click here for more information.



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