Posted by Miranda February 03, 2015

What happens when the awesome Scott Tolleson and the fantastic Doubleparlour get together and make sweet sculpture love? WEISHAUPT! That's what!!

Limited to 5 pieces and produced in resin, the head is articulated and the cat helmet is removable! Hand painted by Scott and sculpted by both ...

Posted by Trustpigs January 30, 2015

The Clutter Gallery are thrilled to announce the third installment in their annual (In)Action Figures art exhibitions, which solely showcases action figure & other retro toy inspired works.

Participating artists include 2bitHACK, 8-bit ZOMBIE, Ben Spencer (Galaxxor), BigMan Toys, Bombermat Toys, Credenda Studios, Danny...


Posted by marc January 28, 2015
Wooden Devour Me Marshall by 64 Colors

64 Colors say hello to our friends in the Great White North with their Devour Me Marshall, made not out of vinyl but maple. The classy 3.5" toy's graphics have been lasered on for sharp, clean lines. Limited releases by 64 Colors sell out pretty quickly, but a few of these are still available. Pick on up for $125 here.

Posted by Trustpigs January 28, 2015

Many artists — and fans in general — have wondered about Kidrobot’s position on “Customizing” vs. “Bootlegging,” so it is about time that the record is set straight.

Customizing is when you purchase an original art toy and then alter, add to and/or build onto that original art toy, creating a modified version of the...

Posted by marc January 27, 2015
Okami Red Resin by FAKIR

If you missed out on FAKIR's homage to Clover Studio's awesome game, Okami, then you're in luck. The 5" resin piece is getting a limited colorway release on Monday, February 2. 150 euros will get you the red colorway of the customized and casted Trikky, which is limited to only 10 pieces. Check it out here.

Posted by marc January 27, 2015
Smokin' Bone Bunny Custom by JPK

That's, no Smorkin' Labbit; it's a Smokin' Bone Bunny! JPK pulls from way back for this one. Not only is this a forgotten gem of a custom from last year, but he also chose to use a toy from a decade ago as his canvas - practically an antique in this scene. The high society hare is dapper on the outside, but pull back the corpo lagomorph's skin to reveal his wasted-away insides.


Posted by Miranda January 22, 2015

Back in March 2013 Clutter Magazine Gallery presented: "Monsters from the Island. A group Neo-Kaiju & Sofubi exhibition." Curated by Monster Island NYC.  The show ran from March 9th - April 6th 2013 and comprised of artists working primarily in sofubi and resin. We promised an exhibition catalog and although it was never printed, it was created. So finally we decided to publish...

Posted by Trustpigs January 16, 2015

Designed by Gary Ham and handmade by Lana Crooks, the wool and fleece "Plush Sylvan" piece stands approximately 20" tall and 13" wide. These merry tricksters, based on the classic satyr concept, are ready to move into your house and call the place home now! Coming with a laser etched wooden tag, signed &...

Posted by marc January 13, 2015
Custom Deadpool Mini Munny by JPK

Need a palate cleanser after remembering that Ryan Reynolds is the big-screen portrayor of Marvel's self-aware superhero? Try JPK's latest custom, which makes the deranged character actually kind of cute. As is the standard with Jon-Paul Kaiser, there is a ton of detail in this custom Mini Munny. Check out how even the extremely dark grey between the white eyes and the black shadows ...


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