Posted by marc November 09, 2016

One of the perks of DCON is that, being in California, it's easier to pick up Japanese designer toys there. While we haven't heard from Itokin Park, we can confirm that Konatsu will have two toys available via Q POP's booth. Shibara and Sleeping Negora both get the Brown Spot treatment: off-white sofubi with fur-like hits of orange, pink bellies and ears, and red and blue spikes. No prices...

Posted by marc November 09, 2016

The ninth installment of Medicom's Vinyl Artist Gacha series is getting contributions from both Shoko Nakazawa and Konatsu! A gachapon-sized Daioh Negora will come in various fur coats while Baby Rangeron is trading his pastel colors from Series 8 for some super saturated ones this time around. Disk Monster Mother, a mildly terrifying kaiju, and a Godzilla-style kaiju that I'm not...

Posted by marc November 09, 2016

A questionable choice was made overnight. Lots of people aren't feeling too great. Here are some hand-picked toys that are so cute they're sure to perk you up, even for just a minute.

IMG_6147_905.jpg, by marc
fwy.jpg, by marc...
Posted by marc November 07, 2016

We just got two wooden toys in our inbox. One's a cute bird and one's a turd. No, really, it's a stackable, customizable wooden toy shaped like a poo. Bai, the bid, comes in two sizes and comes in a cloth bag with sprinkles for customization. Pimp This Shit, the turd, also comes in a cloth bag with sprinkles. We're not too clear on release specifics or availability, but these both look like...


Posted by marc November 07, 2016

As a quick update, Glow, the levitating lamp which we recently featured, has just gone live on Kickstarter. While smaller contributions / rewards are available, the main draw is the $119 early-bird special, which nets you one Glow lamp. Check it out right here.

Posted by marc November 07, 2016

DCON is coming up quick, so the exclusives are starting to be revealed. You've probably seen Ayako Takagi's sugar skull Uamous before, but these ones are hand painted. Each Uamou is cast in either GID or semi-transparent white sofubi and features multicolored bones and decorations such as hearts, stars, and flowers. They'll be available at booth #1004 on November 19 and 20.

Posted by marc November 07, 2016

Parra is one of my favorite artists, but I've never gotten the chance to see his work in person (other than Kidrobot's Pierced, that is). Being located in the Netherlands is probably the biggest contributor to his relatively sparse presence on the East Coast. But the Joshua Liner Gallery...

Posted by marc November 07, 2016

God damn, that's some beautiful vinyl. ComplexCon took place over the weekend, and tons of Murakami merch dropped, from Beats Pills, to t-shirts, to this amazine figure. Out of nowhere, BAIT opened pre-orders for the 10 inch designer toy, which is a collaboration between BAIT, ComplexCon, Switch Collectibles, and of course, Takashi Murakami. Only 500 of the standard colorway will be...

Posted by marc November 04, 2016

Here it is: Matt JOnes' customized Swatch Maxi. Featuring a customized face with a cartoon mosquito, glow-in-the-dark eyes, wings as hours and minutes hands and a nose as a seconds hand, each Swatch is made to order. And at 210cm x 40cm, this one's not for your wrist, but your wall. You can have one shipped to your door for about $688, putting this into the hardcore collectors' realm. But...


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