Posted by kristina April 13, 2016
Amanda Visell Micro Bramble and Micro Bertie Sets Available Now

Amanda Visell just keeps pumping more resin sets to collect! Today she announced there were two new sets up for sale, but the catch is they're only available for 1 day. There's Mirco Bertie and Micro Bramble, robots that come with small buddies Snail and Slug. These sets are inspired by the works of Ashley Wood, Co-owner and...

Posted by marc April 13, 2016
Andy Warhol Kidrobot

While we're expecting a diverse line of products from Kidrobot's collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation, we can at least get a peek at the blindboxed Dunny series. The above image shows the line art for 10 of the 14 designs. You can kind of make out the other four in the packaging render below. I'll definitely be grabbing or trading for the Brillo, TV, smaller Banana, and Andy designs....

Posted by marc April 13, 2016
coolrain lee

Finally! Coolrain Lee is one of the few guys keeping the aesthetic of late '90s Asian designer toys alive. Now after 12 years of work, every one of his figures has been collected in printed form. $39 gets you 264 pages of vinyl and 1/16 scale designs, and in true art toy fashion, you'll randomly get one of four book covers featuring the Korean artist's work. Pick it up...

Posted by Brian April 13, 2016
Jumbo Leo

Last week, our friends at The Loyal Subjects sent us a box of Series 1 TMNT toys, and in addition to a few blind boxes, we received a Jumbo Action Vinyl of a black-and-white, battle-damaged Leonardo. Like with their blind box Action Vinyls, these TMNT toys have a very unique look to them, which is derived from the original Mirage comics and designed by Joe Allard....

Posted by marc April 13, 2016
Super Famicom 3DS Box

I've got to say, the box art for the Super Famicom edition of Nintendo's New 3DS is even more attractive than the system itself. The colorful, flat line drawing is the perfect throwback to the Super Famicom's original packaging. Check out photos below for a comparison. If you're really jonesing for this handheld, keep in mind that Amazon Japan recently opened up video game sales to Western...

Posted by marc April 13, 2016
Wind Waker Nendoroid Zelda

Daw! Your Nendoroid Link can finally have a girlfriend. Good Smile Company have just revealed a Zelda figure based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. We saw a handful of prototypes at Good Smile's booth at New York Toy Fair, but this was not among them, making it even more of a surprise. It comes with three facial expressions, a bow and arrow, and a Master Sword and Shield for...

Posted by marc April 13, 2016
Game Genie Pin

Well this definitely doesn't have the official Nintendo Seal of Quality, but it does bring back memories of inputting codes for invincibility, extra lives, and skipping levels. Wear your cheating heart on your sleeve - or rather, your jean jacket - with some Game Genie flash. Grab it for $10 at...

Posted by kristina April 12, 2016
Super 7 Crunchy Brown Kandy Kaiju

This is a definitely a treat-Super 7 will be releasing a new colorway of their Kandy Kaiju toys this week! This latest will feature Foster and Milton only. This version looks very promising-the colorway is a creamy white with "crunchy brown" details. Bonus-they both glow in the dark!

Foster and Milton go on sale in stores and online at...

Posted by marc April 12, 2016
DrilOne Custom Toy

DrilOne turns a super cute design into something kind of disturbing. Jeero looks like he's had his eyes hollowed out into soulless pits. His body is rusted and his antenna is broken from years of disuse, like some kid's toy tossed into the side of the road. And what would a DrilOne custom be without some rivets?

Check out more...


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