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Posted by J.ME. March 22, 2014
WING.co.ltd , Japan toy manufacturing company, has finally finished the colored sample of Rockin' Jelly Bean 's long-awaited figure - Devil`s Cheerleaders. Keep your eye out for release date and price by following both Wing Co., Ltd's Facebook page and Twitter .
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Posted by baykiddead March 21, 2014
It happens all the time. You become aware of an artist and quickly realize they have it all. Great name, amazing work, adoring fans, and everything seemingly going for them. Then you meet them and you realize they've paid for all their success by transforming themselves into a jerk. I became aware of Van Holmgren and soon wondered if this affliction would apply. Because let's face it, he's got the killer name, the work that lives up to it, and a bunch of people singing his praises. And then I met him, got to know him a little bit, and wouldn't you know it, the guy's a prince. If the success...
Posted by Trustpigs March 21, 2014
The first collaboration between iconic innovators SLAVE×ONE & GUUMON is here! The "Gero" figure by SLAVE×ONE has been specially painted in an ultra-limited quantity by GUUMON, resulting in the 6.5-inch tall cycloptic monsters you see above — four hand-painted in a Titanium edition with one Black Titanium chase — as well as two completely unique chases figures (one of which is pictured below). These vinyl creatures are only available through a lottery system hosted by KaijuMonsteR , with those interested having until 10PM EST on Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 to send their name, mailing address...


Posted by Miranda March 20, 2014
Nick (Trust Pigs) Curtis and I were just discussing M.U.S.C.L.E figures. He remembers them as a kid, however my first real exposure to them (being a British Girl) was this T.V show Ultimate Muscle, which I don't think I saw until I was about 19. Anyway, when I discovered that Nick had never seen this, I had to write this blog post to share with you all. So who remembers Ultimate Muscle??
Ultimate Muscle Intro HD, by avatar9103
Posted by Trustpigs March 20, 2014
Stitches & Glue have announced their first exclusive release for this year's ToyConUK : the adorable pooch known as "Pierre!" Completely hand-made of luxury faux fur with resin face elements that are hand-painted, this 6.5" x 6.5" posable bat-eared pup has a doll jointed head to truly capture the odd beauty of his cute head slants! Limited to an edition of 8 pieces worldwide, each one comes with an engraved dog tage and special carry box. Initially being released at ToyCon, half the run will be held back for those unable to attend… With a very reasonable £125 price tag for these pure bred...
Posted by Miranda March 20, 2014
With the success of the online version of the last free issue (which you can still view here) , we have decided to do it again! So for your viewing pleasure here is Clutter Issue 20 , with alternative cover! Again we chose to use the Issuu platform which now has an android app (still waiting for the iphone/ipad version). Again please send feedback of any ideas or issues you experience. If you want to purchase a physical copy, we still have some in the store, or alternatively you can pick one up for free from your local toy store.
Posted by Trustpigs March 20, 2014
From the twisted minds of toy mavericks Triclops and the crazy casters & creators The Disarticulators comes a new vision of strangeness: "Dr. P.T. Gangreen," the Killer Tomato Ball! Set to be unleashed at ToyConUK in April, the unsuspecting masses will surely be mesmerized by the titanic teeth and evil eyes that this villainous vegetable has. Expect more information and reveals of this fantastic figure as the time becomes nigh…
Posted by marc March 20, 2014
Luke Chueh and Pretty in Plastic have revealed their new collaboration, Jack. Jack is a plaque-mounted jackalope, and is seemingly made of vinyl while its horns are made of metal. It's pretty cute for being dead, and it's really cool to see a wall-mountable designer toy.
Posted by Miranda March 20, 2014
Who doesn't love a prehistoric caveman? And who doesn't love a Dunny/Munny custom (especially when its created so well?)... Created by the awesome FullerDesigns these two customs, one on an 8" Dunny and one on a 7" Munny are fun interpretations of cavemen or voodoo warriors if you prefer - both are cool. The Dunny was created for the Art Without Borders Show at Art Whino Gallery, opening March 22nd, and the Munny was made just for fun. Awesome!!
imagegrrr-4.jpg, by Miranda


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