Posted by Miranda April 26, 2012

April 26th (that's today), marks the release of some super cute little "Lovebirds" that make an awesome addition to any collection. Designed by Kronk based in Cape Town South Africa, and produced by Kidrobot they are available in 4 super cute colorways; Teal, Black, Orange and Purple. Each one is packaged individually, but as you can see from the picture above you can't own just one of these little guys, they deserve to live in pairs (some may argue this is a clever marketing ploy on the part of Kidrobot, and that they should have been packaged in pairs, but hey they are too cute to dwell on that).

They stand at 4" tall and have a recommended retail of $19.95. 

One of the cutest aspects of these little buddies is that Kidrobot make the original white colorway for Kronk's wedding.. so its true that these really are birds of "Love"







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