Posted by specialK May 29, 2012

Lots of things are happing in the world of VISEone, he's got a new custom Munny and shows coming up in Ohio, Germany, and South Africa. His new comic themed Venom is available for 110 Euros ( $137.69 ) and the price includes shipping. You can pick it up here. Let's take a look, shall we?    

And the back....

VISEone will be showing some more custom munny with a bunch of other artists such in Cleveland Ohio on June 1st. The show is called THEY CAME FROM THE STREETS ll and was curated by Urban Vinyl Daily. Here's the flyer . 

The South Africa show is called Dreams In Focus and it's curated by Vinyl Destination. This will be South Africa's first international custom toy show. I love the poster, so I'm putting it up .

You can order your VISEone Comic Strip Venom right here  so get to it!


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