Posted by Erica September 11, 2012

I can't help but notice that the Mustache is coming back! I don't know whether to be stoked about this or be completely turned off, i haven't decided yet, but seriously this facial hair is everywhere, especially amongst the hipsters. You can't walk anywhere in Williamsburg without seeing a hipster rockin' the 'stache every 2 feet. Surprisingly, this trend is popular amongst the ladies as well… and no, not actual facial hair, but the mustache graphic. I have seen girls sporting mustache tee shirts, tattoos and even jewelry. Speaking of mustache jewelry, Miranda give me this as a gift yesterday! 

I dont know if owning a mustache ring makes me a cool kid or makes me a loser, but I love it and I dont care! Below you will find a bunch of mustache accessories with links on where to purchase them. Enjoy! 

Beardo Rider, By: Beardo 

BeerMo 6 Pack Black

Mustache Hip 6oz Hip Flask

Oh, and heres a quick joke for your entertainment: 

"I mustache you a question, but i'll shave it for later" … ok, that was stupid.

I am not sure if i am supporting this trend or completely ragging on it, but thanks for giving my mustache rant a read! :)


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