Posted by Erica December 11, 2012

The ground rumbles and buildings crumble as the Greasebat storms through New York! Filled with rage, this massive scaled creature prepares to unleash a flurry of lightning bolts from his maw. Yes, the rare and elusive "Greased Lightning" Greasebat has been summoned forth, courtesy of those fiends at Clutter Magazine.

That's right, the infamous creation from the mind of Jeff Lamm returns in a new incarnation produced by Monster Worship and Clutter Magazine. Cast in high quality Japanese vinyl from the original sculpt by Chauskoskis, this 7" tall monstrosity is a must own!

Cast on the darkest black vinyl possible, it's pink face and white eyes are highlighted by electric blue horns as well as blue and purple accent sprays.


These 7" tall "Greased Lightning" Greasebats are limited to only 50 copies worldwide, each costing $85, and will be available HERE on Wednesday, December 12th at 12pm EST!

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