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I don't often venture outside of The Block. But when I do, I make my way to Bandai's booth. The past few years, the brand has been hyping up some big releases, showing prototypes from big properties like Voltron, Power Rangers / Super Sentai, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well, this year we finally got our eyes on the final versions of these figures. And they are glorious. Unfortunately, they have price tags to match.

The Soul of Chogokin series from Bandai is a throwback to their Machinder series of anime and manga robots from the '70s, '80s, and sometimes the '90s. However, Chogokin uses diecast metal as opposed to plastic. They released a Megazord a few years ago, but unlike the figure you remember from your childhood, you couldn't transform the five individual robots into the single Megazord. That's changing with this new figure, though.

IMG_3154.png, by marc
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Along the same lines is the Voltron figure, which lets you combine the five lions into the Defender of the Universe. Both Voltron and Megazord are about 10 inches tall and will retail for $299.99 when they're released in December. You can pre-order them now at BBTS.

IMG_3147.png, by marc
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On the more affordable side, some of the TMNT figures in the S.H. Figuarts are ready for retail. Donatello and Leonardo are already available, while Raphael and Michelangelo will be hitting shelves early in 2017. A Shredder figure is also on the way, so you'll be able to recreate getting owned 50 times before finally beating the 1989 TMNT arcade game from Konami. As is tradition, they come with tons of interchangeable parts, weapons, and props.

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One nice surprise were some high quality Street Fighter V figures, also part of the S.H. Figuarts line. Chun Li and Ryu are in prototype stages at the moment, and I can only assume that more of the World Warriors are on the way.

IMG_3146.png, by marc
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