Posted by Miranda January 25, 2012

Grody Shogun and Velocitron will be showing their insane and amazing work at the "Karoshi" show,  Toy Art Gallery in Hollywood, From Feb 3rd to Feb 29th! This...

Posted by Erica January 24, 2012

The next stop of the Eeerz Tour will be held at Artoyz in Paris! This Exhibition features the works of 30 amazing artists from all over the world, including Bunka,...

Posted by Miranda January 24, 2012

Ellen Green is a Chicago based artist who has been spending her time creating once wearable art pieces. She strives to play on the juxtaposition of the femininity of the leather gloves (traditionally worn to church, weddings, funerals, formal events etc) and control over  sexuality, with masculine tattoo designs (describing a time where tattoos...

Posted by Erica January 24, 2012

Check out Emily Bee's newest Tuttz custom named 'Strength'. Strength was sculpted by Eric of  Argonaut Resins and Emily hand painted the sculpture leaving bits of its pink resin base shinging through the face. This is Emily's 4th Tuttz custom.


Posted by Erica January 24, 2012

Toy2R just announced the release of TWO Voltaire's Deady Bunee Mini Qees. Deady (the evil teddy bear of Voltaire's design) will be disguising himself as a bunee to prepare for an easter assult.

Sleezter Bunny (Deady's comic book nemisis) is coming and hes bringing his posse of evil legions of Death Bunnies with him to help take...

Posted by Erica January 24, 2012

Jon Paul Kaiser just sent us over news of his latest custom, this awesome 10" Boba Fett Teddy Troop! After a lot of time and effort this guy is finally done.



Kaiser says "It was a Boba Fett by request, which, with the Star Wars theme suits me just fine."

Posted by Miranda January 24, 2012

Jeff Soto talks through the process of creating his latest poster for The Black Keys in this awesome video. Well worth a watch...

Here is the finished poster. Beautiful and available now. 


Posted by Erica January 24, 2012

Finger-Puppet Figurines?? Oh yes that's correct... FINGER FIVE Series One, brought to you from Dataub of  Fig-Lab Series 1 features designs from Paul Kaiju, Suckadelic, L'Amour Supreme, Monstersean and Onell Design. It seems they have come together to fuffill your finger puppet desires!


Posted by Miranda January 23, 2012

Just spotted this over on Toysrevil... and just in time. because they are released tomorrow (Jan 24th)!!  The evil Olee (Red colorway to celebrate Chinese new), made by MyTummyToys, is a 3" tall resin Olee figure featuring the "Evil Eyes" seen in the toysrevil logo. They are to be sold on a first come first served bases from 12 noon (+8 GMT...


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