Posted by specialK August 20, 2012

Artist Rocco Malatesta has commemorated the 10th anniversary of "Reservoir Dogs" with 2 incredible limited prints. Both limited to 100, hand signed, numbered & are selling for 29 Euros. 

The image below is the variant. ...

Posted by specialK August 20, 2012

Scottish artist David Mach has a way of creating incredible installations using old magazines and other found items. It's amazing how fluid and precise these installations are. 

Please go to David Mach's...

Posted by specialK August 20, 2012

Photographer Marcos Minuchin gives us a peek into the Secret Life Of Toys. What do the toys do after they finish playing for the day? Marcos has discovered the answer to this question & many more. Lucky for us voyeurs he's documented those answers in photography.  

Um, too much...

Posted by Erica August 20, 2012

Toy Art Gallery is has, once again, teamed up with BLOBPUS, to create a super special run of Blind Bag Alien Arguses. These blind bags will include over 8 different variations, with the chance of being a 1-off or an edition of 2. Each one is hand painted by Blobpus, and designed by Mark Nagata. Each figure...

Posted by Nick August 20, 2012

Awesome video showcasing the back to the drawing board approach Apple has decided to take with the iPhone5. Can't wait till the Keynote!

Posted by Andrew Hayward August 20, 2012

It's all right there in the game's title. Plants vs. Zombies' curious battle between the undead and some very aggressive foliage charmed the hell out of gamers on a wide array of platforms over the past few years, and now developer PopCap Games has announced a sequel, which is slated for release in late spring 2013.

Few concrete details are available, though it'll likely maintain...

Posted by Andrew Hayward August 20, 2012

Tokyo Jungle has captured the imagination of import game enthusiasts in recent months, as the Japanese release for PlayStation 3 spotlighted an abandoned Tokyo that's since been taken over by animals, who then fight for survival amidst the urban wreckage. While oddball games of this sort typically never see the light of day in North America, Sony is luckily bringing Tokyo Jungle over as a...

Posted by Nick August 20, 2012

I'm not a massive Supreme fan, in fact i don't think i own a piece of their clothing. However i am a massive fan of the endless conveyor belt of random shit that they put their logo on! No thanks i don't need a tee with a Terry Richardson photo on it, or a 5-panel cap, but i will take a set of Supreme dominoes and a hammer!

and that's the best stuff on offer, the rest is really a...

Posted by Nick August 20, 2012

An awesome weekend was had by everyone who made the trip over to The SHO Gallery in Cardiff for the Dragons Custom Show organised and curated by Andy Kelly aka Zombiekel.

For the first time in a hell of a long time the UK weather actually delivered and the sun refused to disappear on what turned out to be an uncomfortably swealtering summers...


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