Posted by Erica February 07, 2012

Dragatomi is going to be celebrating the Year of the Dragon by opening "Year of the Dragon" Group art show, opening this Saturday Febrary, 11th.

This Art Show will feature a whole bunch of awesome artists including:
Jared Konopitski, Carson Catlin,...

Posted by Erica February 07, 2012

Are you guys ready to see the release of the 2nd Robotone Sprog? Well lucky for you today is the day! Cris Rose has designed a Valentines Day inspired Sprog in a beautiul shade of light pink! Each Robotone Sprog is 3" tall solid resin and comes with a bag and a header-card. These "Valentine Pink" Sprogs are going to be up for sale TODAY at...

Posted by Miranda February 07, 2012

Last year Joe Ledbetter designed a brand new 12" Bunny Sculpt and produced 40 pieces with our friends Pretty in Plastic in LA. They are produced out of hollow resin - which I know instantly makes you think hand made in your basement, but quite the opposite. Resin is still "plastic" its not...

Posted by Erica February 07, 2012

Keith over at Toyqube has just finished his latest Hunter Dunny and Antler BotHead!

Lets start with the 8" Hunter Dunny, each one of them is hand caved and painted in acrylic paint. This is an edition of six, and the raddest part? This dude comes with a 7.2" tall weapon! I wouldnt mess around with this guy! $375ea

And for the Antler...

Posted by Erica February 06, 2012

How about BE@RBRICKS for a midnight snack? Yep thats right, edible BE@RBRICKS.

Medicom Toys has come up with Designer Gummi Bears! Weird, in a really cute way. There are four different flavors to choose from, cola, strawberry, lemon and cider. These little gummies go for around $5 and you...

Posted by Miranda February 06, 2012

I'm always on the look out for awesome tattoo's and now we have a new office/store front in Beacon NY (which i promise to blog about soon - as soon as we are unpacked anyway!!) I was out  getting coffee from out local awesome coffee shop (Bank Sq) and spotted this amazing Abe Lincoln Tattoo. Alex - the owner of this piece- was nice enough to...


Posted by Miranda February 06, 2012

Its not often that we get to talk about an artist getting their dues, so I thought I would write a quick blog about graffiti artist David Choe and how he lucked out painting that now infamous mural at Facebook HQ.

As an artist in any field you never really know which is the project that is going to break you, or turn out to be a way bigger deal than...

Posted by Erica February 06, 2012

I personally have been stalking Ryan, of Brutherford Industries, website/ twitter/ instagram since I blogged about the upcoming release of his "Ice Scream Man".

And right this very moment I am stoked to say...

Posted by Erica February 06, 2012

Monster Kolor has released two awesome new paint kits.

First we have "Those 70's Kolors"...pretty groovy, dont ya think!?

Those 70's Kolors Kit includes:

OJ - Old school metallic orange. Gives off a great micro...


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