Posted by Miranda March 06, 2012

Due to drop at 11am EST on 3/09/12 is the Model 22-Scarecore custom figure by Erick Scarecrow. Priced at $400 this one will be limited to just 5 pieces. Hand painted and made of Resin, this one will be available to buy here.

Posted by Erica March 05, 2012

Would your readers be interested in an event that has it all - nostalgia, hilarity, and a zesty blend of sweet and spice?

WWA Gallery will throwback into the Saturday mornings of your youth as they welcome characters to the awesome even 'Gag Me With A Toon' aka GMWAT. Curated by Steven Daily, a pop...

Posted by Erica March 05, 2012

Myplasticheart is stoked to announce the release of, resin designer, Healymade's latest group of exclusive figures. The...

Posted by Erica March 05, 2012

Andres Zamora is a toy designer from Miami Florida. Andres is trying to to get his latest designer toy promoted and funded on Busted Cap is a DIY toy that is a mixture of Modern Urban Art and Classical Sculpture.

Busted Cap is a Do-It Yourself Designer Toy that combines the...

Posted by Erica March 05, 2012

The Stranger Factory Presents 'THE GREAT ESCAPE' by Andrew Bell & Kelly Denato.

"The debilitating feeling of heartbreak; the self-destructive spiral of past emotions and memories; the overwhelming feeling of social suffocation -- they’re the less gracious experiences in life that we all inevitably encounter and Andrew Bell and Kelly Denato bring...

Posted by Erica March 05, 2012

MJ Lindo a Bay area artist is known for painting multiracial women in a sensual way while maintaining a sense of vulnerability. MJ's work symbolizes equality of the human race.

She says "It’s a message of coexistence and acceptance".

She continues to painting to creatively document life lessons and journeys and will improve her insight and wisdom.


Posted by Erica March 05, 2012

"....a windy sunday afternoon, when i was having a coffee and day dreaming by the window of a cafe, i saw a little grey bird on a treetop. it was alone and didn't move much. it might be waiting for someone, someone it loves, someone important. i looked at it for a while, then it flew away. another windy sunday afternoon, when i was having milk and cookies in the...


Posted by Erica March 05, 2012
Check out the Pillyo's!! They are the latest creation of Jon Layne from the PartyLayne crew.
Express your individuality by designing your own custom pillow. You can draw, doodle, tag, color, scribble, or paint it. Sounds like a good time!


How to use this Kit:


Find a clean space to work, set up your activity, sketch out your design first...
Posted by Miranda March 05, 2012

The second release of Tony the Tiger aka "Fat Tony" from Ron English has just been revealed. This edition is an open edition so no one will have to miss out on the release this time around. You may be wondering what makes this version different than the last, but look closely and you will notice that this time around Tony is pimping a Pink neckerchief - Bingo.....


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