Posted by Nick October 03, 2011

Ok so this is essentially a repost of what we put up on friday but we have an exclusive second image of the figure - first came direct from on Friday posted here. First up we had that image of the front and the figure's shiny nipple (much like the detailing on...

Posted by Devin October 03, 2011

Holy ghost Batman! This is the art of Laurie Lipton. Her carnival of Death series is perfect to kick off October. It's all pencil, cross hatch, and an unimagineable amount of time. Her work pulls from 17th century Dutch masters but certainly has a voice of it's own. The detail in each piece is so...

Posted by Miranda September 30, 2011

TOKIDOKI has joined forces with MetroPCS and the New York Comic Con to present a cool new design contest for The Cultyard @ NYCC! To help commemorate the launch of Android phones on the phone carrier and to help celebrate NYCC, you're invited to download an Android template and...

Posted by Nick September 30, 2011

Can't wait to see the full reveal of this figure already! Tara McPherson is the latest artist to tackle the slightly dubious Kidrobot Black label. I say dubious in that it has produced some figures that have drawn criticism from many including myself - meaning i don't think they have produced figures that had to really be produced under a super exclusive sounding label.

Backing that up...

Posted by Nick September 30, 2011

Whoop! I'm lookin forward to this show here in the UK! Especially cos i'm in it :P The Hang Gang store in Leeds has put together this great line up for the Icons show all customising 400% and 1000% Bearbricks.

The lineup includes the likes of Pete Fowler, Jon Paul Kaiser, SourBones (thats me :P), Okkle, Matt Lunartik JOnes,...

Posted by Nick September 30, 2011

Not been blown away by the last few colorway changes from Super7 but these ones are really shouting buy me! Charcoal grey Honoo and a Skulletor Milton!

I'm really anticipating some new sculpts from S7 and hopefully we'll see something before Christmas, but in the meantime these 2 will provide some super cool shelf fodder!

"Summer BBQs may be over but Honoo is still burning hot...

Posted by Nick September 28, 2011

Shawnimals are bringing the heat to New York Comic Con 2011 with a ton of new releases featuring hand-painted dumplings, Ninja plush, the triumphant return of Pocket Stache & more!

Ninja of the Month variant release: Zombie Ninja - Darkness Edition
It’s true, we’re feeling a little spooky. This Zombie Ninja variant is sure to give you the shivers. Just...


Posted by Nick September 28, 2011

Are you ready people? Beware, extreme cuteness ahead as 64colors will be releasing their Halloween FrankenMarshalls Tomorrow/Friday in their online store! One of the best custom series yet from the fantastic duo, each figure will come with a print and badges. Oh and of course they have additional bolts.

In these pics you can see the awesome detail of...

Posted by Nick September 28, 2011

The Classic Collection of Lunartik cups are now ready for you to enjoy…! There are 5 to choose from; White, Ice, Rosie Lee, the Earl and Green Tea.

Click here to snuffle some up! Released Thursday 29th September!



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