Posted by Erica May 07, 2012

Check out this The Lee Scratch Perry vinyl figure! This figure is a Japanese import from PRESSPOP, limited to 1000 units. These bad boys were officially approved by Lee, aka The Upsetter: The father of reggae and dub music.

The Lee Scratch Perry Vinyl Figure was designed by Archer...

Posted by Zombiekel May 07, 2012

Coming Soon, New collaboration pieces between Lunabee & Pepe Hiller.
The beautiful hand carved wooden bees, aptly names Woodbees, were created by Pepe in Switzerland and then shipped over to Lunabee in the UK to paint only as Lunabee can.

These are the only bees that are being made - there will be no future series, it's a one off collaboration and so this is the only chance...

Posted by Trustpigs May 06, 2012

In order to properly celebrate his second anniversary as Deadbear Studios, the artist and customizer known as Motorbot has decided to do something rather special for his fans: during the month of May, he's offering out a make-your-own Meatster Bunny entitled Astro Zombies. These 4-inch-tall...

Posted by Miranda May 06, 2012

Michael Lau's original Gardenergala figures are considered by some as the holy grail of designer toys. Cited as on of the originators of the designer toy scene Lau's pieces hold their value and his original hand made figures are rarely seen on the secondary market. Occasionally I peruse eBay to see what's up there, this one obviously grabbed my attention.

This Auction is for Miss, one...

Posted by Miranda May 06, 2012

We love the evil overlord of all things monster, Skinner. He blows us away with his artwork and custom toys. His colors and shapes makes his artwork iconic and instantly recognizable.. plus he is hilarious!!

While he was in NYC for his solo show at Tara McPherson's Cotton Candy Machine...

Posted by Trustpigs May 05, 2012

Brutherford Industries has released the final original flavorway of their Ice Scream Man platform: BadASS Brown. This 7.5"-tall rotocast piece is limited to 125 signed & numbered copies in beautiful packaging by Tamara Petrosino. You can gobble up the...

Posted by Zombiekel May 05, 2012

New custom Dunnys from UK Based Custom artist Zukaty.

3 new custom painted Dunnys called '3PSY Warriors' are being released tomorrow from crazy posca master - Zukaty.

These crazy little fellas hail from 'Zu World'


Priced at $45 +shipping they will be available Sunday May 6th at London 10PM -  NY 5PM  -  LA  2PM on...


Posted by Zombiekel May 05, 2012

Podgy Panda & Cris Rose have teamed up again for the 2nd release of Podgonauts

"The Podgonauts have found themselves in a very sticky situation, they've landed on a planet where there's Custard tar pits everywhere! The Podgonaut space team seems to be in a bit of a kerfuffle. Lets hope they manage to get out safely!"

Edition B of the Podgonauts come limited to...

Posted by Zombiekel May 05, 2012

Taylored Curiosities has just finished her second installment of Freshly Caught Feelings. 

There was a limited run of six Worry versions a while back and now she is doing a summer edition : Fruity.

These consist of beautiful jam/pickling jars each lined with artificial grass.  She hand makes vintage tags that tie around the tops, explaining which Feeling is...


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