Posted by Richie June 04, 2012

Gravity Rush is an upcoming title for the PS Vita due to launch on June 13th. Inspired by the late great illustrator Moebius, this game is already causing a stir and as a result there's quite some expectation for acclaim for when it launches.

From the concept art, the protagonist is anime styled but in game styling seems a bit something more akin to Shadow of the...

Posted by Richie June 03, 2012

Just received news of Mezco's upcoming release, the monster Frankenstein! So all you monster buffs out there pay attention, or even if you're not clued up on your monster genre, you'll surely all know of the iconic Frankenstein. Stitched together by Dr Frankenstein from parts of corpses and through a combination of strange machinery and a bolt of lightning, Frankenstein was soon terrorizing...

Posted by Trustpigs June 03, 2012

Kidrobot has released the above teaser image promoting five San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2012 exclusives. While there has been no official announcement & the specifics are too dark to see, the shapes imply that the following will be available: an 8" Dunny with trident and crown accessories, a Hypnotoad from...

Posted by Nick June 01, 2012

The much anticipated Ridley Scott movie Prometheus hit cinemas in the Uk and in the majority of cases has been met with mixed reviews. I took myself off this morning to check it out.

First of all I. Was very unhappy before I even got to the cinema. As soon as the cinema listings came out there were practically no normal 2D listings in favour of a large number of 3D.



Posted by Miranda June 01, 2012

Victor Quinonez aka Marka27, has announced his much anticipated LA solo show. Opening on July 7th and running until the 29th,  at the Crewest Gallery (110 Winston Street, Los Angeles, 90013), Marka's fans can look forward to seeing his new body of mixed media work, combining ancient Aztec,...


Posted by specialK June 01, 2012

Emcee Harn Solo has put out a new video for the first single off of his new album "Shooting Star".  The single is "Say Bruh" and after watching the video a few times the tune is stuck in my head. People will hate me for a few days because I'll be repeating the chorus over & over.  


Posted by specialK June 01, 2012

Shea&Ziegler have recently returned from the SWAB Contemporary Art Fair in Barcelona, Spain where they showcased original artwork from their roster. Among the featured artists were Matt Small, Herakut, and Labrona....


Posted by specialK June 01, 2012

Chicago Toy & Game has a friendly competition going via social media called "Toy Mash-Up" !

The participants only need to create a mash-up concept of toys or games and submit their entries to be shared on the Chicago Toy & Game Fair's facebook page.  ...

Posted by Erica June 01, 2012

If you read our previous blog, you would know that tonight, Kid Robot LA will be hosting the pre release/signing of their exclusive Joe Ledbetter Burger Bunny, the Veggie Burger Bunny! The pile of veggie goodness stands 10 inches high, packed with all the good stuff, 2 garden burgers,...


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