Posted by Nick September 06, 2011

Toy Karma 3 is just days (opening Saturday, September 10, 7-10pm @ Rotofigu)  away and it's looking like one hell of an event! Here's a run down of some of the exclusive figures that will be available at the show along with the prices we have at this time:

My personal fave has gotta be the Kaiju...

Posted by Nick September 06, 2011

We've been long time admirers of Super7's Star Wars wallpaper, featuring portraits of Darth Vader, Boba Fett and other members of the Empire (ie the badass characters). The wallpaper was originally created by Super7 founder Brian Flynn as wallpaper to decorate the Super7 Store in San Francisco.

The wallpaper was noticed by Star Wars super-collector and author Steve Sansweet,...


Posted by Nick September 06, 2011

Awesome bronze piece from Arkiv and Fully Visual and based on his Sumo character. These bronze pieces will be released at Arkiv's forthcoming exhibition in Singapore in November. Assume that numbers will be very VERY limited. |


Posted by Nick September 02, 2011

As much as it sucks this NOTM release coincides with it getting mighty f*@kin cold here in the UK! So for our crappy weather i now blame the supreme king of plush Shawn Smith, who along with his lovely wife of 5 years Jen, are the masterminds of Shawnimals continued success.

This month we meet Frost Ninja  who comes resplendent with some...


Posted by Nick September 02, 2011

Another awesome sneak preview of Junko Mizuno's collaboration with Vannen Watches has been reavealed today - as was promised by Vannen. The much anticipated watch is set to sell out in minutes with the hype surrounding it. Something i'll add to here by saying that from the packaging we've already seen and the insert Junko can be seen signing in the above...

Posted by baykiddead September 01, 2011

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, this is not necessarily a "me first" world. Well at least not totally, yet. One of the few taking the battle to selfishness is Graham Wiles, aka The Grand Master Urb-Ski. He's a South African paper toy engineer currently working towards his BTech Honors degree in Visual Communications. 

The self-centered very well may be asking, "SO?" The...

Posted by baykiddead September 01, 2011

Wow. September is here, already? If the calendar says so... And as long as the days are going to fly by without a care, might as well mark them in style, right? The folks over at Curiosity / Go Scout Creative, have you covered. This month's edition has a certain reminiscence vibe to it, as if the calendar is reminding you of days past instead of what's ahead.

For that very reason alone...

Posted by Nick September 01, 2011

Whilst i still havent figured out whether Nigo is still involved at all with Bape or not (guess thats the idea) the 20 year old japanese streetwear brand is continuing to produce some really nice on form collections. This time it's the ultimate collaboration for the brand with this set of Star Wars branded tees.

Being allowed to mess with such a hallowed brand as Star Wars is a pretty...

Posted by baykiddead August 31, 2011

If you're at all like me, you grew up with Mad Magazine. Spy vs. Spy, the movie spoofs, The Lighter Side, and of course, Alfred E. Neuman. "What, me worry?", indeed. But the part of the magazine I looked forward to the most was the last page. It was there that existed what I felt to be the true comic genius of each issue. Of course, I'm talking about Al Jaffee's Fold-In. After I read the...


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