Posted by marc December 15, 2014
shawnimals snow dumpling

Two Pocket Pork Dumplings are better than one! For their limited edition Xmas release, Shawnimals, mphlabs, and Squibbles Ink have combined two Porks into one to create a Snow Dumpling, complete with coal, carrot, and scarf. Grab one as a present for your friend or for yourself at ...

Posted by marc December 15, 2014
Android Series 5

If you felt like something was missing from your life this fall, you were right. Andrew Bell and Dyzplastic usually release a new run of Android Mini Collectibles each fall, but due to a few production hiccups you'll have until January to save up for the fifth series of blindboxes. Gary Ham, Devilrobots, Scott Tolleson, JPK, Lunabee and more will be featured in Series 5. Take a look at...

Posted by Miranda December 10, 2014

It's that time of year again... DJ Earworm wraps up the year with his United States of Pop mashup. In case you have no idea who DJ Ear worm is, or what he does, let me fill you in. He is predominantly a mashup DJ, taking tracks apart and smashing them back together. His United States of Pop series takes the top 40 billboard of end of year list and...

Posted by marc December 04, 2014
jpk stormtrooper helmet

Just in time for the Episode VII teaser, JPK has revealed two new custom comissions. Following on of Jon-Paul's signature styles, he has combined sumi-e inspired artwork with a samurai-ified version of the classic Stormtrooper helmet. Beautiful they are! Check out full res turnarounds in the gallery below.

Photo credit: Justin Allfree

Posted by marc December 02, 2014
steff bomb plush

Only Steff Bomb could make a skin-bound, inked-in-blood tome of evil look as cute as a button. This depravedly cuddly plush is part of Galleries1988's upcoming show, Crazy For Cult, which opens December 12. I hear that if you read the book you get attacked by fluffy kittens who stab you with rainbow shards.

Posted by marc November 25, 2014
ghost busters titans lunartik

When someone asks you if you're a god, you say yes. And when someone asks you if you want some Ghostbusters vinyl toys, you say yes. Lunartik has been working on this series, featuring the four heros, several villains, supporting characters, and even the Ecto-1, which will drop in May, 2015. Even...

Posted by marc November 25, 2014
star wars x bape medicom

Following up their Darth Vader and Storm Trooper toys, Disney Star Wars and A Bathing Ape are striking back with figures featuring Baby Milo in Boba Fett and Scout Trooper suits. There are two colorways for the Boba Fett version and a single one for the Scout Trooper. These look like standard super-deformed takes on classic Star Wars characters until you remove the helmets, revealing BAPE...

Posted by marc November 25, 2014
shawnimals fuzzy friday

Shawnimals' annual Fuzzy Friday deals are just a few days away. Hit up and if you're fast enough you can use one of the super limited coupons. If you're not quick enough, you can use the unlimited 15% off one, too, so you're covered either way! Here are the codes:

5 x 50% off - FF1450
10 x 40...

Posted by marc November 25, 2014
ESC-Toy Erick Scarecrow Toys

Erick Scarecrow and company are dropping a ton of new resin toys, custom vinyls, and even a print on Black Friday. Polar Opposite Frost is a 3" open edition resin piece ringing in at a super reasonable $20. Shadow Titan is a transparent black rendition of his custom Attack on Titan custom resin Dunny. This one is limited to 20 pieces, runs $45, and comes with a hilarious...


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