Posted by marc June 21, 2016
Fantastic Planet Criterion Collection

The best art makes you feel like you're on drugs without doing drugs. French Fantastic Planet is a prime example of psychoactive film, featuring Dalí-esque surrealism, masterful cutout stop-motion animation, and a cosmic jazz soundtrack. The downside? Finding a copy of the movie at a reasonable price is basically impossible. Until today, that is. Criterion have restored the...

Posted by marc June 20, 2016
FAKIR Bearbrick

FAKIR recently celebrated International Sushi Day with a custom Be@rbrick depicting the mascot of Sushi Hoshikai, a restaurant in South Korea. His clean, vector-like shapes define this piece. But what isn't typical of a FAKIR custom is that this is a multiple. The back-left foot is clearly numbered 1/3. Personally, I'd love to see a production run of a FAKIR Be@rbricks so everyone could get a...

Posted by marc June 20, 2016
Undercover Hamburger Lamp

You might remember Undercover's amazing Hamburger Lamp that looked like a stolen piece of ephemera from a 1970s McDonalds. Like the McRib, it's back for more, this time in a murdered out colorway. If you missed out on the original colorway, keep your eyes on this one. So far, it's only available through a lottery system with Medicom. But stores like BAIT may eventually get it in stock....

Posted by marc June 20, 2016
Max Toy Co Office Cat

After spending the majority of your waking life in the same florescent lit 4x4 foot space, you might be presented with a nice watch or ring. Or you could just buy your own award and let your bleary-eyed coworkers know their late nights, early mornings, and working vacations were all for naught. Max Toy Co have just released an enamel pin version of Office Cat, which is based on artwork by...

Posted by marc June 20, 2016
Shoko Nakazawa Rangeron

Heyo! We crossed our fingers to get some Baby Rangeron figures from V.A.G. Series 7 over to the West and here they are. But they're going fast! myplasticheart has 'em for $8 but only the pink / yellow and purple / pink colorways are left in stock....

Posted by marc June 20, 2016
At the Drive-In Reunion Tour

There I was on Saturday, all excited to finally see At the Drive-In after waiting for 15 years as a fan. That's when the phone rang and an automated message told me the show had been canceled. Absolutely sure that this was a sick joke, I checked out the Internet where it was confirmed that the band had canceled not only their Boston show, but also their New York City show...

brittandpuppycat's picture
Posted by brittandpuppycat June 20, 2016
Bond with Manaphy, June's Mythical Pokémon Before Time Runs Out!

Trainers, it's June 20th, which means you only have 4 more days to get your hands on Manaphy, this month's Mythical Pokémon. Manaphy will be available until June 24th, so make sure to hop onto the Nintendo Network and add this Water type Pokémon to your team today! 

This special Manaphy comes with the moves Tail...

Posted by marc June 17, 2016
Kidrobot mr. sparkle

We brought you photos of unpainted prototypes of Kidrobot's Mr. Sparkle toy during New York Toy Fair in February and showed off the SDCC-exclusive metallic colorway last week. Now we finally get a peek at the standard colorway. Standing 7 inches tall, the homage to Japan's detergent mascot sits atop at blue and white cloud with a transparent and sparkle flow of liquide emerging from the...

brittandpuppycat's picture
Posted by brittandpuppycat June 17, 2016
Celebrate Seulgie's Satyr's First Birthday at myplasticheart!

Happy Birthday, Satyr!


On June 18th, Satyr, the super adorable and ethereal creation from artist Seulgie, turns one! Join Satyr, Seulgie and myplasticheart on Saturday, June 18th, 1pm EST for a special celebration at ...


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