Posted by marc May 13, 2016
Grand Chamaco art

The Grand Chamaco is a a 3D modeler and animator from Mexico. His super cute - but sometimes disturbing - illustrations are boldly colored feature amazing textures. Smooth, reflective finishes look like real-life sculptures made out of candy, while the flatter textures are photorealistic reproductions of clay. Both styles create a playful, childlike style. You can follow Grand Chamaco on...

Posted by marc May 13, 2016
plushy cat

Landlord won't let you have a cat? Here's the next best thing. The San Ge Ma plush cats from Amuse are 4 inches of cute, straight out of Japan. They're weighted at the bottom so they don't fall over, which is a pretty rare feature in plushies. Three of the cats have a gold coin accessory, while one has a fish on his head, and the other has an onigiri on his. They're only $9, and you can...

Posted by marc May 13, 2016
Sekure D Dunny

Sekure D's well-deserved production Dunny is finally available, as is its amazing hot pink alternate colorway, which Kidrobot has revealed is limited to 250 pieces. While 8 inch Dunnys go for $60 and up, you can pick these up for $30 each. Grab the standard colorway here and...

Posted by marc May 13, 2016
Secret Base Felix the Cat

I love old-timey anthropomorphic cartoon animals. I also love sofubi and glitter / lamé. So I'm sort of wishing I had $100 sitting around to spend on Secret Base's new colorway of the X-Ray Felix the Cat. A clear body reveals a black and gold lamé skeleton. Previous colorways of this toy were white and GID on dark blue, so I think it's safe to say this is the best one yet!


Posted by marc May 13, 2016
Zard Apuya custom toys

I'm drooling! Zard Apuya saw my comment hoping for a Dunkaroos version of his custom Munny World toys based on snacks. And here it is! Zard used a Raffi as a base, and added some plastic on top fo recreate the Dunkaroos plastic tray. Even the blue color is perfectly accurate to the greatest snack of the '90s that lets you "dip as much frosting as you choose". BRB. Getting some sugar.

Posted by kristina May 12, 2016
Tokidoki x Hatsune Miku Unicorno

I remember around New York Comic Con 2015 tokidoki announced that they would be released a line of merchandise featuring Japanese icon Hatsune Miku. One of the highly sought after items in this line is a limited edition Unicorno that quickly sold out at NYCC 2015. Finally after months of waiting tokidoki announced that this...

Posted by marc May 12, 2016
Auto by Superdeux

Weirdly enough, there have only been a handful of collaborations between musicians and vinyl toy creators. Aesop Rock and J Dilla are more recent examples, but back in 2009, Superdeux and Artoyz created a toy series for a band called Auto. The figure used an audio cassette as a head, creating a graphic match to...

Posted by marc May 12, 2016
david horvath x devilrobots

David Horvath's and Devilrobots' collaboration debuted in South Korea recently, leaving Western fans wondering if they'd be able to get their hands on these ultra cute sets. Horvath, the co-creator of Uglydolls, has confirmed that orders outside Korea will be opening up soon. We'll keep you posted on details, but in the meantime, check out the fancy-pants packaging in the gallery below. ...

Posted by marc May 12, 2016
atmos x Yak Pak Be@rbrick

Well here's a classy Be@rbrick. You can't really beat gold on matte black. This guy is a bonus for purchasing a backpack collaboration between Tokyo's atmos and Brooklyn's Yak Pak, which launches this Saturday. So those of us who either don't live in Tokyo or don't need a new backpack are out of luck, but it's still fun to look!

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