Posted by marc April 20, 2016
The Odd Ones Dunny Series

Kidrobot have just revealed the 13 designs and one hidden chase that comprise Scott Tolleson's The Odd Ones Dunny series. I've got to say I'm surprised by these. While some of these are clearly Tolleson, several of them seem to represent a new direction for the artist. And the shocker? No argyle! That said, the series does follow Kidrobot's MO of creating thematically cohesive Dunny series....

Posted by kristina April 19, 2016
Odd Fauna Ovok Bloom

I learned about Odd Fauna, a collection of cute beasts created and designed by Emma SanCartier, back at New York Comic Con 2015 and started following them on social media earlier this year. I'm currently in a phase of loving everything pink so I was excited to see this little guy on Odd Fauna's...

Posted by marc April 19, 2016
Moebius World of Edena

OK, I might be a little late to the party, but I'm very happy to hear that Dark Horse will be translating Moebius' World of Edena series of comics and compiling them into one hardcover book. Weirdly enough, I was introduced to Moebius' art through the Sega Saturn game Panzer Dragoon. Sega had the French artist create concept art for their CGI artists to base the look of the...

Posted by marc April 19, 2016
Elizabeth Banks Rita Repulsa

This character design for Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks, looks more like it came from Mortal Kombat than from Power Rangers. Either way, it's now got me curious about how the Power Rangers themselves will look. What I'm not really wondering about it if the movie will be any good. I hate to be that guy, but it's probably going to suck. Luckily, I'...

Posted by marc April 19, 2016
Dan Lam Art

Is this the real world, or is this Metroid? Dan Lam uses polyfoam to create the gloopy base, letting gravity take care of some of the shaping. She then coats the dried sculpture in paint and addes spikes, often creating gradients in the process. Since these are giant and handmade, they're likely not going to be in many people's homes. But if Lam were to mass produce these in...

Posted by marc April 19, 2016

Having premiered at ToyCon UK, Jon-Paul Kaiser's Mac figures are now on sale to the public. Inspired by Kurt Russel's appearance in John Carpenter's version of The Thing, the resin sculpture mixes the look of JPK's previous two resin figures with Kurt Russel's rugged good looks and killer mullet. Standing over 4 inches tall, these are sculpted by Jon himself, and are casted by...

Posted by marc April 18, 2016
The Osamu Tezuka Story Review

When you ask a Japanophile to think of a few artists off the top of his head, you might hear the names of Katsushio Otomo, Masamune Shirow, and Akira Toriyama, but you'll definitely hear Osamu Tezuka's name. More of less the Japanese Walt Disney, Tezuka's obsession with comics as a child, combined with support from his family and teachers, lead to worldwide success. From his ...

Posted by marc April 18, 2016
Lunartik Enamel Pins

Pinkies out! Lunartik just unveiled a line of blindbagged enamel pins based on his Cup of Tea design. There are 12 colorways plus a glow in the dark chase to collect. And these are high quality pins being made in the UK. They run £6.00 each, but the more you buy, the more you save. Check out ...

Posted by marc April 18, 2016
Hakone Dot Uamou

The Hakone Dot Uamou collection has been a hot item at the Hakone Open Air Museum gift shop. Ayako Takagi has created a handful of new colorways which feature hand-painted polka dots. The highlight of this collection is the blue GID colorway. Most GID plastic looks kind of gross in daylight, but this sofubi has a robin's egg blue, which I'd love even if it didn't glow in the dark. The...


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