Posted by Miranda October 09, 2014

We teamed up with the amazing Jake Waldron to bring you a New York Comic Con exclusive run of his "faces" line.  Limited to an edition of just 10, each framed silicone-based mixed media sculptural face is priced for only $120!

Available exclusively from Clutter Booth #504 Thursday 10/9/2014 from 12 noon. ...

Posted by Miranda October 09, 2014

Dropping exclusively at Clutters both #504 are Luke Chueh's  "Everyone Needs A Little Head" in the brand new Black Edition, limited to 50 spot painted pieces! Produced by Clutter Studios they are priced at $50 apiece.

Available exclusively from Clutter Booth #504...

Posted by Miranda October 09, 2014

Just when you thought it was safe to frequent the City at night again, Jon-Paul Kaiser & UME Toys's "Buford Mandrake" returns and this time it's New York — not London — that he's heading for.

This Clutter exclusive release is limited to six pieces for $50 each and sees Buford sporting...

Posted by Miranda October 09, 2014

RESTORE's fourth foray into sofubi is a completely resculpted revisit of their "NEO JAPAN" garage kit character and they have made a very special glow-in-the-dark copies exclusively for Clutter's NYCC Booth.

Standing roughly 7½-inches tall, this warrior has clad himself in armor made from Oni hide and carries an Oni sword, and...

Posted by Miranda October 09, 2014

Luke Chueh's "Dissected Bear Head" makes its debut appearance!

Produced by Clutter Studios and made out of rotocast resin in Kenner Prototype Blue, these "Prototype Edition" copies will be available for $100 apiece. Standing at  6" tall, 6" deep, and 7" wide, the pieces reveal Luke's famed Bear Head design with a quarter cut exposed to reveal a human head...

Posted by Miranda October 09, 2014

With October upon us and thoughts turning to Halloween, we have teamed up with our friends at Rotofugi to bring you, The Lake Monster "Snybora" in his "Pumpkin Butter" exterior!

Limited to only 25 pieces for $35 apiece, the "Pumpkin Butter Snybora" is cast on orange vinyl that has been painted with black sprays and a...

Posted by Miranda October 09, 2014

Based on the "Blown Away" Dunny design he created for the Clutter Gallery Custom exhibition earlier this year, Josh Mayhem has customized six 3" Dunnys into a similar look and feel.

Titled "Blown Away Series 1," these Dunnys have been modified with...

Posted by Miranda October 09, 2014

Lana Crooks continues to show off her soft sculpture making talent as she recreates Jeff Lamm's popular Greasebat in amazing plush form!!

The Greasebat Plush stands 11" tall with a full 12" arm spread, each one handmade using various textiles and fabric dye. A wonderful...

Posted by marc October 08, 2014
evangelion eva-01 rotobox custom

"Get in the damn robot, Shinji." Rotobox are some of the most talented customizers around. And given that they pull their influces from cult classics and pop culture favorites, it's no wonder why their work is such a crow-pleaser. This newest custom Celsius is no exception. Based on Shinji Ikari's Eva Unit-01 from Neon Genesis: Evangelion, this edition of three is a great combination...


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