Posted by marc July 07, 2016

After making an appearance at an UglyCon is Korea, Ugly Uamou is coming to the US for UglyCon 2016 at Giant Robot. Cast in colorful sofubi, each Uamou and Fortune Uamou features hand-painted details in the style of David Horvath's and Sun-Min Kim's Uglydoll designs. No pricing details have been announced yet, but whatever, I want the seafoam green one!

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Posted by marc July 06, 2016

DKE Toys are going all out for SDCC, adding five new toys to their lineup. Star Wars is definitely a theme in this wave, with four of the five being inspired by the space opera. The odd man out is an old-timey and bizarre set of resin toys, complete with a book of the dead. Be sure to check out their booth later this month at SDCC!

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Posted by Brian July 06, 2016
DreamEx Shredder

Following the preview of their 1:6 Scale Casey Jones TMNT figure, DreamEx has revealed their 1:6 scale Shredder. Complete with cloth clothing, several interchangeable hands, a sword and sheath, shuriken, a communicator and a removable helmet and face plate, this already has the potential...

Posted by marc July 06, 2016

P.P.Pudding have just revealed some images of a super cute figure inspired by Ultraman. From the photos, it look like the helmet slides up to reveal a human face. I tried using Twitter's translation feature to find out more details, but I don't think the translation is accurate. Check out the first photo below for the bizarrly NSFW wording.

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Posted by marc July 06, 2016

Sometimes the stars align and you get the perfect collaboration. That's the case with UglyCat, a collab between Uglydoll and Korean artist Rato Kim, creator of Boxcat. She lends her cute, angular design to Uglydoll's bright colors and simple, monster-y shapes for a super cute, unique figure. These are part of an UglyCon show at Giant Robot but can be ordered from Rato Kim ($61 plus...

Posted by marc July 06, 2016

We didn't have many details about this huge version of Huck Gee's Skullhead Blank until now, and a release is imminent! Dropping today at noon Pacific time, you can get your hands on a lime green Skullhead Blank that stands a full 15 inches tall and is singed by Huck. They're limited to only 100 pieces and will run $200 each, so synchronize your watches now and click over to...

Posted by kristina July 05, 2016
Kidrobot Mr. Sparkle Out Now!

After what seems like forever Kidrobot finally released Mr. Sparkle today! Last month we say Kidrobot reveal the Standard colorway for this Simpsons character and today it finally went on sale! There's also a limited edition Sparkle Gold variant that you can get exclusively...

Posted by Miranda July 01, 2016
Clutter Magazine Issue 38 with Tara McPherson Available Now!

Ready for your latest Installment of Clutter? Well, issue 38 featuring cover artist Tara McPherson is live and available now! 

The Spring issue. #38, of your favorite Designer Toy Magazine is now available for purchase on our webstore! This issue...

Posted by marc July 01, 2016

Remember Studio Uamou's contribution to the yearly Famicase exhibition? Well now you can play Uamou Invasion and you don't even need a Famicom console. A fan has created a browser-based game that's actually pretty fun. You have to guide a stream of parachuting Uamous and avoid hitting flying Boos. Play it here.

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