Posted by Trustpigs April 02, 2014
Brian Flynn and Super7 unleash the "Crystal Mecha" upon our unsuspecting planet once again, this time in the "Destruction of Earth" colorway. This colossal 9-inch tall mecha-kaiju figure's body is cast in opaque grey glitter sofubi (soft Japanese vinyl) with metallic green, gun-metal black, and light blue sprays to accentuate the form, while the head is truly translucent vinyl with subtle metallic silver and blue sprays. Available in the Super7 online shop on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 at 3PM Eastern time, these stunning figures will be $95 apiece.
Posted by marc April 01, 2014
JonPaul Kaiser is well-known for his bold lines and minimalist color pallette. His use of negative space really shines (or glows) through on his newest piece, The Pilgrim Lion. Inspired by The Once & Future King , the lion's face and mane are impactful and imposing. Quothe the JPK: "He's a wandering warrior on a quest for his king, taking on long forgotten roads and trails as he dutifully fulfils his mission." Photo credit: Justin Allfree
Posted by Miranda April 01, 2014
Lets start this by saying that I hope this isn't an April fools joke, since I'm dubious of anything announced or revealed on April 1st, but I'm pretty sure this is a real, and awesome. Tara Mcpherson's Cotton Candy Machine has once again teamed up with Shigeru to produce a very limited NAGNAGNAG. Titled "Bunny Kitty Killer", 3 will be up for grabs as part of a lottery system this Sunday (April 6th) at the Cotton Candy Machine (7pm). Good Luck getting one because you are going to need it!
imageScreen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.03.58 PM.png, by Miranda [scald=962...
Posted by Steve April 01, 2014
After doing some intense research via "The Internets," I found that the German word schergen means a minion, thug, gangster, robber, henchman, etc. So there's your answer. And, with that being said, "SCHERGEN" is also the name of Dust 's newest series of Designer Toy figures. Not only do these nomadic miscreants seem to fit the definition of schergen to a T, though they also breathe a kind of whimsical quality as well. Cast in two differing sizes, we're warned that both versions will be highly limited and, while no one knows the official release date yet, we'll let you know as soon as we find...
Posted by Trustpigs April 01, 2014
Artist Nathan Hamill shows off his design skills, crafting the pictured "Lavabear Clan" giclée print. Made at 17" × 11", perfect for framing, these are produced on quality Moab Entrada Cotton Rag 300 GSM Stock. Available in Hamill's online shop for one week only, you can grab one of these beauties starting tomorrow (April 2nd, 2014) at 3PM Eastern time for a wonderfully affordable $20 apiece. But don't dillydally, for come April 9th, 2014 at 3PM Eastern time, these prints will no longer be available!
Posted by Trustpigs April 01, 2014
Goodleg Toys 's "War on Prehis" line celebrates its one year anniversary and, to commemorate this momentous event, he's releasing "The Meatgrinder" resin cast action figure. The Meatgrinder is known on Prehis’ as the infamous outlaw and gone bad experiment. Ultimate Cyborg Zombie Battle Drones usually don’t have the ability to think. Although a spark of undead brain activity may remain, which can lead to a sort of semi-consciousness of its holder. Usually this consciousness cannot take control of the body’s actions and remains at a very subliminal state. The Meatgrinder is an exception. He...
Posted by Trustpigs April 01, 2014
Resin slinger Peter Kato brings another of his adorable original creations to life, completely hand-cast and hand-painted by the artist himself. Entitled "Bedtime Bunnies," these sleepwalking rabbits are an insomniacs dream come true… I mean, how can you resist the power bunny wearing bunnyslippers?!? Made in two different sizes, the 3-inch tall "basic" bunnies are $20 apiece while the 2½-inch tall "mini" versions are a mere $12 apiece! For this initial release, the cute critters have been cast in a colors derived from Sakura cherryblossom — pinks and whites — with each one having contrasting...
Posted by marc March 31, 2014
ToyConUK is less than two weeks away but Squink is already prepared. Today he showed off two of his newest customs that he'll be brining to the con. One is a heavily customized Dunny that was then cast in resin and painted with a faux-wood finish on the face and ears. The other is a Go Lucky Neko with nice, whispy brush strokes. Hit up Squink at ToyConUK to take home some one-of-a-kind art.
Posted by marc March 31, 2014
Custom figure creator, Coolrain, revealed an impressive astronaut character in celebration of Nike Air Max Day. This moonwalker doesn't settle for any old NASA-approved footwear. Coolrain fabricated space boot versions of the Air Max Lunar 9 for the custom cosmonaut to tear up the moon in. Check out the gallery below and see more of the Akira-inspired artist's work here . Source: Hypebeast


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