Posted by Trustpigs April 01, 2014
Resin slinger Peter Kato brings another of his adorable original creations to life, completely hand-cast and hand-painted by the artist himself. Entitled "Bedtime Bunnies," these sleepwalking rabbits are an insomniacs dream come true… I mean, how can you resist the power bunny wearing bunnyslippers?!? Made in two different sizes, the 3-inch tall "basic" bunnies are $20 apiece while the 2½-inch tall "mini" versions are a mere $12 apiece! For this initial release, the cute critters have been cast in a colors derived from Sakura cherryblossom — pinks and whites — with each one having contrasting...
Posted by marc March 31, 2014
ToyConUK is less than two weeks away but Squink is already prepared. Today he showed off two of his newest customs that he'll be brining to the con. One is a heavily customized Dunny that was then cast in resin and painted with a faux-wood finish on the face and ears. The other is a Go Lucky Neko with nice, whispy brush strokes. Hit up Squink at ToyConUK to take home some one-of-a-kind art.
Posted by marc March 31, 2014
Custom figure creator, Coolrain, revealed an impressive astronaut character in celebration of Nike Air Max Day. This moonwalker doesn't settle for any old NASA-approved footwear. Coolrain fabricated space boot versions of the Air Max Lunar 9 for the custom cosmonaut to tear up the moon in. Check out the gallery below and see more of the Akira-inspired artist's work here . Source: Hypebeast
Ficinus's picture
Posted by Ficinus March 31, 2014
Simpsons, LEGO, Minifigure
If you haven't seen the LEGO feature film yet, do yourself a favor and go do that. Simpsons Milhouse Minifigure makes an appearance in the movie, turning heads towards LEGO's new licensed product: The Simpsons. First they released a Simpsons house set complete with the main crew and Ned Flanders, now they have expanded their universe to include many more! Favorites like Itchy and Scratchy, Krusty The Clown, Mr.Berns and Blinky and More!
Simpsons Minifigures Lineup, by Ficinus
Mr. Berns LEGO Minifigure, by Ficinus [...
Posted by Miranda March 28, 2014
Paul Kaiju has just announced Unchipocalypse! An online raffle where 15 different painted (all unique) Unchiman will be available. They will all be blind bagged and picked and random, but that doesn't matter because they are all awesome! One Unchiman will be available per lottery winner, advance reservations, special selections requests, or multiple raffle entries will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification. To enter, Click the “Raffle Open” ticket that will appear on starting Sunday, March 30th 12:00 PST. 24 hour lottery ends March 31st 12:00 PST...
Posted by Trustpigs March 28, 2014
UK artist Kerry Dyer created the original 1-inch tall Mole figures as a small extra item to sell at events, but they ended up being so popular that Dyer decided to enlarge them to 4-inch tall hand-rotocast resin figures for ToyConUK ! These new "Mole XL" figures will be available in three glorious colors, including the prestine white ones pictured above and below (some with the original figure for size comparrison). To celebrate this momentous leap, Dyer will have five Molehill chase figures for the convention and some of them customized by David Stevenson as well. For those unable to attend...
Posted by Trustpigs March 28, 2014
Back at the beginning of 2013, Bwana Spoons came up with the concept of three brothers from the planet Brodarr — Jeff, Lonny, and Drizzz — who want to come and eat Earth, but — through folly and shinanogans — they never seem able to get here! Knowing he wanted to evolve a whole universe for these characters, Bwana formed Gravy Toys and released Jeff as a soft Japanese vinyl toy. But Jeff has been lonely, not having either of his brothers around to smash things, party, and drink the intoxicating rootsacks of the Noob flower. So Jeff wants his brother Lonny to be brought to Earth in the same...
Posted by Trustpigs March 28, 2014
This brand new "MK Blue" edition of the 5½-inch tall "Skratch" by Erick Scarecrow and Monster Kolor will hypnotize you with it's lovely metallic sheen… The enticement continues as you realize that each of these gorgeously handmade figures comes with a unique hologram serial number, denoting it's special nature and craftsmanship. But, pushing it all over the top, is the knowledge that until Saturday, March 29th, 2014 you can order one from HERE for a mere $35 apiece! Don't sleep on this wonderful deal, lest you'll end up paying $50 each instead of this special deal offering!
Posted by baykiddead March 27, 2014
Paper Robots from Nick Knite
My intro to Nick Knite came in the form of two very loveable monsters, Evil Icy and Tongue Toastie . These two creatures were a part of the awesome book, Papertoy Monsters , a cornerstone publication for us paper fiends out there featuring Nick and 24 other artists. In my pursuit of more toys from the designers in this book, I then found Nick's signature toy, Mechabunny , and I've been a fanboy ever since. Well Nick has his own book now, and like Papertoy Monsters , his is a collection of toys from some of the game's best. And the best part? It's robots! The artist list is a collection of...


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