Posted by marc July 11, 2014
chima group parabola

Husband and wife duo, Chima Group, have unleashed their newest animal-inspired sofubi toy, Parabola, joining Ademas, Wool, and the rest of the crew. Having teased some images of test pulls a few months ago, the sofubi pup is...

Posted by Mike July 10, 2014

Just in time for SDCC 2014, DKE Toys reveals the second toy release from the cult droidsploitation film “Pimp2-D2′s Big Score!” C-3P-Ho (See-Threepeeho) is a pleasure droid manufactured by Cybot Galactica. She is Pimp2-D2′s go-to droid. Fluent in 6 million forms of stimulation, she’s always the life of the party. C-3P-Ho might be Pimp2′s favorite, but he’s not the jealous type. He’s...


Posted by Trustpigs July 10, 2014

The trend-setting timepiece producers at Vannen have teamed up with Less Than Jake to release a stunning watch in celebration of the band's newest record, "See The Light." This ultra-limited piece of wearable art has only been made in an edition of 150 watches worldwide, with each and every one signed by the...


Posted by marc July 10, 2014
acorn vision 64 colors meltdown dunny ryniak

In a bizarre but cute twist, 64 Colors have put their own touch on Chris Ryniak's Meltdown Dunny. The body of the 8" Dunny serves as a dead (and melting) tree, complete with nice, dimension wood bark painting. The eyeballs have been converted into acord people, living in the Dunny-tree. There's also a third, hidden acorn dude painted onto one of the tips of the ears. 64 Colors always put out...

Posted by Mike July 09, 2014

DKE Toys reveals S.U.C.K.L.E. Series 1.5 in exclusive colors! $25 gets you one of two sets that include 5 Series 1.5 figures apiece, either in yellow or orange. Limited to 100 sets in each color, these are based on the figures by The Super Sucklord, sculpted in min size by George Gaspar, and even features a tiny version of Luke Chueh’s Sad… Alone… Broken...

Posted by marc July 09, 2014
jpk jon-paul kaiser art of war AP Dunny

Jon-Paul Kaiser's artist proofs for his contribution to the Art of War Dunny series are up for sale today, and these aren't your standard APs. Each of the 20 available pieces has new details painted by JPK himself which didn't make it onto the production version of the toy. Based on Sun Tzu, the APs are going for £45 (about $77 USD) each, and are signed and numbered on their backs. Pick...

Posted by Trustpigs July 09, 2014

If you ever wondered what was lurking inside of Pete Fowler's iconic "Toy King," best known as the figure atop the Designer Toy Awards's trophies, then Jason Freeny has the answer for you…

Hand sculpted in his signature style, multiple Designer Toy Award winning artist...

Posted by Mike July 09, 2014

DKE Toys is proud to announce another SDCC 2014 release: NekoFukurou by Jeff Soto x Blackbook Toy! Made of stackable 6" blue and pink Japanese vinyl, each color is limited to 30 pieces for $80 apiece… But think how cool it will be when you make your one foot tall — or more! — stack of them.

Posted by marc July 09, 2014
space dandy bearbrick

Be@rbricks made a surprise cameo on this week's episode of Space Dandy, the newest anime from Shinichiro Watanabe [Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo]. The Season 2 premiere focused on a not entirely accurate portrayal of M Theory, which in part implies infinite universes and one-dimensional...


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