WIP: Catwoman Mega Munny by 64 Colors
26 January 2016

Here's some vinyl catnip for you. 64 Colors' current work in progress displays a landscape of Gotham City with a very cool take on Catwoman creeping around the rooftops. Painted on a Mega Munny,...

64 colors custom toys
17 November 2014

64 Colors have turned a few fan's pets into Marshalls with these two new customs. The first is a cute Yorkshire Terrier sporting some snappy plaid pants and suspenders. The second is a Maine Coon...

64 Colors Bad Apple Madam Mayhem Dunny
17 July 2014

Well that was quick. Kronk's Madam Mayhem Dunny has been on store shelves for about six weeks, but 64 Colors...

acorn vision 64 colors meltdown dunny ryniak
10 July 2014

In a bizarre but cute twist, 64 Colors have put their own touch on Chris Ryniak's Meltdown Dunny. The body of the 8" Dunny serves as a dead (and melting) tree, complete with nice, dimension wood...

21 May 2014

64 Colors have distilled the cuteness of pandas and puppies into three inches of vinyl. Based on their...

14 April 2014

If Disney's version of Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat is a little too purple for your taste, 64 Colors' rendition of the grinning kitty should right up your alley. The grin makes this piece...

12 March 2014

64 Colors just don't stop. Just days after revealing their leprechaun customs, they today showed off their...

10 March 2014

Whether you're of the opinion that leprechauns are a fun eccenticity from Ireland or are evil little capitalists that sell you cereal, you've got to love this pair of 3" Dunny customs from 64...

64 Colors Lucky Strike Santas
03 December 2015

64 Colors aren't calling it quite on Christmas-themed customs after their new Marshalls and Gumdrops. These...

64 colors custom toys
28 October 2014

64 Colors have customized their marshmallow and gumdrop toys into pumpkins for halloween! Check out the super cute Marshall, two Gumdrops, and a few more.

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