Yummy Mini Labbits in the Oven at Kidrobot
01 February 2016

Nom nom nom! Kidrobot have just sneaked a peek at a new series of Mini Labbits. This blindbox series will pair up Frank Kozik's famous bunny with some delicious foods. So far, ice cream and...

Frank Kozik's Favorite Movies Criterion Collection
07 January 2016

While I was researching this week's Throwback Thursday article, I stumbled across a surprising entry into...

Vinyl Littens and Labbit Set on the Way from Kidrobot & Kozik
04 January 2016

As our very own Nick Curtis has discovered, Kidrobot aren't keeping their new Litten characters in...

Baby Labbit Plushies from Kidrobot & Frank Kozik
28 December 2015

Labbits aren't born smorkin' cigarettes and sporting mustaches. They're born as wee lumps of cuteness. Kidrobot's upcoming Baby Labbit plushies are frumpy and huggable, featuring...

Smokin' Bone Bunny Custom by JPK
27 January 2015

That's, no Smorkin' Labbit; it's a Smokin' Bone Bunny! JPK pulls from way back for this one. Not only is this a forgotten gem of a custom from last year, but he also chose to use a toy from a...

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