14 July 2016

An officially sanctioned, HDMI-enabled machine that plays NES ROMs? Yup, sold. Nintendo have just announced the NES Classic Edition, which looks like a miniature NES and plugs into your TV...

Van Nintendo Collaboration
04 May 2016

Back in the day, you just couldn't find Nintendo merch. Now it's all over the place. Coming soon is the collection of sneakers from Vans, featuring character graphics and a pixelated...

Wireless NES
25 April 2016

I still play my vintage consoles all the time. I don't hate having wired controllers laying around, but I do hate how short the cables are. I have to pull the console halfway between the TV and my...

Game Genie Pin
13 April 2016

Well this definitely doesn't have the official Nintendo Seal of Quality, but it does bring back memories...

10-Doh! Entertainment System
01 April 2016

Nate Mitchell of Squid Kids Ink has been holding out for the past year. But today he's finally ready to reveal the 10-Doh! Entertainment System. Based on the original Nintendo Entertainment System...

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