Quokka Plushy by Flat Bonnie
18 January 2016

Nature's own photobomber, the Quokka, is Flat Bonnie's latest subject. This adorable plushy was made for Giant Robot's Weirdos exhibition. Curated by Cassia Lupo, the show collects art featuring...

Baby Labbit Plushies from Kidrobot & Frank Kozik
28 December 2015

Labbits aren't born smorkin' cigarettes and sporting mustaches. They're born as wee lumps of cuteness. Kidrobot's upcoming Baby Labbit plushies are frumpy and huggable, featuring...

Snowbear Plushy by Andrea Kang
08 December 2015

Dawww! Andrea Kang has just revealed a ridiculously cute hand-made plush toy, combining her recognizable bear motif with a seasonally appropriate snowman shape. The materials also add a snow-caked...

Plushy Switchblades by Steff Bomb
03 December 2015

The most adorable badass presents a tree ornament that's sure to stand out from the standard bobbles. Sewn with love by Steff Bomb, these switchblades are perfect for any greaser or old-timey...

Hatoful boyfriend plush kickstarter
01 December 2015

Less than a week is left to contribute to this awesome Kickstarter project. Erick Scarecrow, founder of ESC-Toy, teamed up with Hato Moa, the creator of the surprise hit game, Hatoful...

21 April 2014

Steff Bomb has released a total protonic reversal with her paranormally cute Slimer and Ghost Trap plushy....

26 March 2014

Want some snacks, alcohol, and plush-making knowledge? Got a few hours to kill tonight? Sewing-machine-sensei Steff Bomb will be teaching a plush hamburger making class tonight at...


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