29 August 2016

Nakanari's got some of the sharpest lines I've ever seen. #NoMaskingTape. It looks like he's working on an 8 inch custom Dunny this week and going by the hashtags on his Instagram post, the theme...

Clutter Gallery Presents "Kaleidoscope of Kyoot"!
09 August 2016

Cute and colorful: A redundancy when it comes to designer toys? Not when you turn up both of those attributes to 11. We've assembled a group of artists to go all out with cornea scorching colors...

Shiffa Kidrobot Trikky
07 March 2016

Shiffa and Kidrobot must have been huffing and puffing some good shit because their newly announced collaboration is looking like it's going to blow the house down. The company revealed today what...

Production Shots of Lunartik's Big Licker
04 February 2016

Well that was quick! After a successful Kickstarter campaign in late 2015, Lunartik, AKA Matt JOnes, is...

WIP: Catwoman Mega Munny by 64 Colors
26 January 2016

Here's some vinyl catnip for you. 64 Colors' current work in progress displays a landscape of Gotham City with a very cool take on Catwoman creeping around the rooftops. Painted on a Mega Munny,...

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