Posted by Geoff April 03, 2007

One thing that's struck me recently reading various boards is an attitude towards urban vinyl and the artists. This isn't a go at compleitists - hell, if you want to own every Dunny ever made that's cool. When I see huge collections of Qees or Dunnys together they look great.

But more and more, and with certain artists in particular, i'm noticing a strange attitude. Call it a fad, call it temporary insanity, I dunno. People seem to want everything...and we're talking rare stuff that totals thousands of pounds.

Now, if they really dig the art that much, why not just commission the artist to do a painting? Take an obvious example - Joe Ledbetter. If you don't have a Lava Bunny, Snow Variant Bunny/Firecat, Mono Teeter or Death Sluggadon you're looking at a significant wedge of cash....and for what? Colourways of toys you already own?! And for the same price you could own an original painting. Y'know 1/1...not 1/50.

So is it really the artist and their work that people like, or is it the toy, a combination of both, the rarity that makes them feel special, or just a desire to have a 'full' collection (with boxes.....of course)?

Answers on a postcard...



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