Posted by Miranda May 17, 2007

Everyone knows i am the hugest Pirates fan!! I saw the first film at the cinema about 20 times and my three different copies of the DVD are nearly burned through. So I thought I would share my excitement at the forthcoming release of Pirates 3; At World’s End.

I have to say that after my disappointment of Pirates 2 I have high hopes riding on this next film. I mean don’t get me wrong, it was a good film, but it lacked a lot of the things that made me fall in love the first one, and I always think that running two films on from each other is a cop out. All the best trilogies have stand alone films, with an ongoing thread. Not an answer to a cliff hanger.

While I’m at it there seems to be an over abundance of CGI. In Pirates 1 the CGI was amazing and the skeles added to the film and plot line. What worries me more and more is that CGI seems to be replacing good story lines, and production companies seem to think that throwing money at the computer Monkeys will some how hide the bad writing (worries about Transformers too). I mean the fucking Kraken that swallowed Jack was the most badly CGI’d thing id ever seen and not to mention the smell of cheese when jack pulled that stupid pose!

So all in all I am holding out hopes that Pirates 3 will do what Kill Bill 2 did for Kill Bill 1 and make me actually appreciate the second film. So watch this space for either my gushing love or ranting hatred.



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